Children of The Undead

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A group of revenge-thirsty beings including both the living and the dead.

They venture through the suburbs of Malton bringing destruction to everything that comes in their way. Leaded by a man who calls himself "Child of Wrath", he navigates the group through intense and massive killings and destruction, swiping everything in the way and turning towering buildings into rubbles and dust.

Child of Wrath - Real name: Alexander Vileton Age: unknown Story: He was accused of a crime he didn't commit. He was beaten unmercifully by the brutal citizens of Dartside. He died alone in the darkness, as he drew his last breath, he had sworn to avenge his own death. So he did, by his undead form. As a zombie, he ventured the streets of Dartside seeking the people who were responsible of his death. But to his surprise, he found nothing but walking corpse, because of this, he decided to show his wrath not only to the citizens of Malton but also to the world.

Group Goal: Bring unmeasurable destruction to the world. Kill everything that has breath and destroy everything that can be destroyed.

HeadQuarter: Dartside Territory: The whole city of Malton and soon... The whole world.

Group was established: April 2010

Group Type: Unit of Destruction

Outside: Vengeful and Destructive Inside: Cooperative and Supportive

Group members allowed: Anyone who seek for revenge and destruction.

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