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Chocolate Thunder
Chocolate Thunder.jpg
Abbreviation: CT
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: The Chocolate Storm Cloud
Goals: Performing the will of the Storm Cloud
Recruitment Policy: Register and apply on our forum

"The saviors of society; protecting it from its own evils.'"'

What They Are

Chocolate Thunder is group that is the subject of much heated discussion. Some inhabitants of Malton find their actions humorous or justified, while other detractors of the group find them a threat or an annoyance - notably victims of the CT's actions. Regardless of the opinions of non-members, Chocolate Thunder members believe that their being is for a purpose that they themselves have not made known to the public. While some level of leadership and organization is apparent within the Chocolate Thunder members, ultimately the members claim to work in conjunction as the hand of the Chocolate Storm Cloud. The Chocolate Storm Cloud has revealed itself to the members, and while CT members do not purport the Storm Cloud as a deity, they believe that it is imperative that the cloud's will be carried out, lest the world fall into a degenerate darkness. The Chocolate Thunder have been described as agents of chaos, as well as the guardians of society; yet they adhere to neither of these titles; instead, they simply claim to preform the will of the Storm Cloud, regardless of society's perceived moral implications.

Despite the Chocolate Thunder's status as "Player-Killers", it's members abide by strict moral codes that must never be broken for fear of death by redemption. Individuals have nothing to fear from the Chocolate Thunder, as it never strikes those undeserving of it's wrath.

Chocolate Thunder's current target is:*

Targetpicture.jpeg The Current Target
Threats to Society

  • Note that "-- --" denotes no current target.

The Chocolate Thunder Righteous Kill

  • The Righteous Kill should be enacted by a member of Chocolate Thunder when absolutely necessary, or when divinely led to do so.
  • The Righteous Kill should be enacted by a member of Chocolate Thunder when insolence is demonstrated in one's profile description.
  • The Righteous Kill should be enacted by a member of Chocolate Thunder when an interloper must die for the good of society.
  • The Righteous Kill should be enacted by a member of Chocolate Thunder when a survivor is known to have Brain Rot.
  • The Righteous Kill should be enacted by a member of Chocolate Thunder when insolence has gone to long unpunished by others.
  • "Player Killers", or as we prefer, "Moderators of Society", are to be respected for the noble avocation we share with them.
  • "Bounty Hunters", or as we prefer, "Proponents of Ignorance", are to be murdered on sight for the wickedness they spread.
  • Those who prove to assist the noble cause of reclaiming Malton from the ignorant masses will be spared when looked upon.

A Chilling Recollection

You lie there sleeping, in what was a heavy breathing slumber. Slowly, you are awoken. You open your left eye lazily, and then your right. As your vision adjusts to the soft glow down the hallway, your eyes focus in on your surroundings. Nearby are sleeping men and women, some children, and like you they are crudely clothed in obviously whatever they could find amongst the wreckage. Suddenly, a soft yet penetrating rumble reverberates through the linoleum floor beneath you. Others around you start to awake, but promptly return to sleep. You make your way alongside the pasty green wall to the half-boarded window, and look to the west. It is dark. There are no stars in the sky. Only the full moon to light damaged streets three stories below you. The soft hum of the generator can be heard in the rooms down the hallway. It calms you. You make your way back to your makeshift bed, when again, the rumble occurs, only this time coupled with a subdued flash of lightning.

You mentally count to yourself, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..." It happens again, yet stronger, louder. You restart your count - "1, 2, 3, 4..." The makeshift tin roof above you starts to clang faintly but repeatedly, and is accompanied by yet another rumble of thunder and flash of light. Your heartbeat is elevated. Fear grips you as you stumble back to your bed. Suddenly the rain intensifies, and those around you are fully awake, sitting up in their beds. You lie there; however, knowing. You know that it is futile to get excited, or nervous. You have seen this before.

A mother hushes her murmurous child back to sleep. A man, fumbling, nervously lights a cigarette. Those who have found pillows muffle the hushed noises that fill the room.

The rain intensifies. Abruptly, a flash of lighting seemingly strikes the building itself, combined with a pealing clap of sound that breaks the muffled silence of the room. Thankfully a makeshift lighting rod routes the potent blast down the side of the building and releases it into the ground. The uneasy survivors stand, and nervously converse with one another.

The murmurous child asks, "What is that pungent odor? It's filling the whole place!!"

You answer softly, "Fear." Suddenly you hear the moaning of zombies on the streets below. They gather at the barricades and crudely mash their undead fists into desks, bookcase, and soda machines resurrected by the survivor cause for your protection. "They can smell it," you continue.

The generator stumbles. It gasps for breath and stutters as would a person choking to death on their own spit. It is out of fuel. The lights flicker until there the room is just bright enough to see anything. The generator dies with a loud "spud!" The lights go out. A few scream. Others swear. You see some on their knees, praying frantically to God. There is a crash at the barricades, nothing major though. Nothing can get in from the outside world, not yet anyways. The only way in would be to free run, stealthily from a neighboring building.

There are muffled footsteps, pounding up the stairs below you. They grow louder, and clearer, and are too quick to be that of a zombie's. You get up and walk to the doorway of the hall to see what's going on, to get to the bottom of things.

But it is too late. Two men, heavily armed and waiting for you are there to meet you. You are shot twice, in the chest. One man proceeds to say while the other loads a cartridge into his shotgun

"You mess with the chocolate rain," as the second man aims at your head

"YOU GET THE CHOCOLATE THUNDER!!!" The second man proceeds to splatter your brains on the pasty green wall behind you.

Members of The Wraiths killed for the good of society

Members of The Wraiths killed by the Chocolate Thunder

Those Declared Past Redemption

Those Declared Unfit To Live
  • Congratulations Yagoton, now even the best of you have become ignorant and deserve death. Because of this, the Chocolate Thunder will double their efforts to purge this hopeless society.
  • Dalton Riggs Separatist from the Chocolate Thunder
  • Jeremy Vandenberg Separatist from the Chocolate Thunder
  • WHYTRY members, as always, are fair game
  • Members of The Wraiths are notoriously dangerous to society, and deserve to be eliminated.
  • Stapleball's Mom

Murdered For Society's Benefit

Murdered, Existing In Violation Of Chocolate Thunder Principle

Marine iKill by Red Raider.jpg The Kill Count
This group has at least 197 confirmed kills that are listed on this wiki

It is important to note that while we attempt to maintain as accurate a list as possible, we oftentimes are exceedingly lazy when it comes to updating the UD wiki with our latest kills. If we have killed you and you cannot find your name on the list, do not be offended, it happens much more often than you would think. Rest assured that your death is important to us, and that we value your participation in Malton's moral cleansing. If you have been recently slaughtered at the hands of a Chocolate Thunder member and still cannot find your name on the list, and would like your name to be added, simply request so on the Chocolate Thunder Talk Page. We thank you for your interest in the validity of the Chocolate Thunder records system.

Wars Won by the Chocolate Thunder

  • WHYTRY - A clear threat to society, we found it our duty to cleanse Yagoton of these morons. As of 2008, they've never been back...
  • The Wraiths - So far, this group has disappeared off of UD. They're out there somewhere... maybe, but they won't respond. When you've beaten your enemy so bad (22-1) that they won't respond, you win at winning.

Strap This Proudly On Your Page

Chocolate Thunder.jpg Chocolate Rain
This user was slain mercilessly at the hands of The Chocolate Thunder

Chocolate Thunder Templates

S handshake3.jpg Moral PKers
This Pker group kills for the good of society
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.
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