Christmas Tour 2012

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Christmas Tour 2012
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Abbreviation: CT12
Group Numbers: Open to all
Leadership: hosted by the Quartly Study Group
Goals: Spreading holiday cheer and drinking heavily.
Recruitment Policy: Open admission to anyone who wants to come
Contact: Click here

"...a Christmas tour might be jolly good fun. We can bring good cheer - or death, your choice - to the city."


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What is the Christmas Tour?

The Christmas Tour of 2012 is an all-inclusive, all-invited bit of fun for the holidays. Whatever group you belong to, whatever allegiance you hold to--whether survivor, zombie, PKer, bounty hunter, what-have-you--come join us for a tour of Malton!


Starting December 17th and extending through the holidays


We'll meet at each location for fun, festivities, sing-alongs in kiZombie, booze, newspaper fights, poetry readings, and the like!

Stay tuned for ongoing announcements and music on the Tour's Radio Station, 26.62, or keep checking this page!


You, of course! And a variety of other characters from all walks of life!

New Location

Gather at the adjacent Taswell Towers (86,67). Best entry point is usually the warehouse north of Corless Bank.

See you there!

Future Stops


  • Stop Three: Ice Skating at Rodges Stadium in Chancelwood
  • Stop four: Egg Nog at the Southall Mansion in East Boundwood
  • Stop five: Christmas movies at (CINEMA TBA)
  • Stop six: Christmas Service at St. Jude's in Molebank
  • Stop seven: Reindeer Petting at the City Zoo
  • Stop eight: Caroling at Blackmore

"It is required of every man," the ghost returned, "that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and wide; and, if that spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death."

—--Charles Dickens

Tour Record

Past Locations

The historic Quartly Library

Stop One: Gather for the Tour at

  • Quartly Library in Roftwood (66,52)
Best known as the home of the Quartly Study Group
One of Malton's oldest no-kill truce zones. This is a place where zombies, survivors, and PKers can share a drink in peace.
  • First Screenshot! Marion Wells reads, Gambler of Legend starts a card game, Brain Rots all around. Click
  • Brain Rots, Newspaper fights, and hilarity all around! Malton Globetrotters make a less-than-cordial arrival. [1]
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