Church of Reathxia

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Church of Reathxia
Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: Any and all followers
Leadership: The Dark Goddess Herself
Goals: Dominion over all
Recruitment Policy: see below
Contact: Our forum.

The Church of Reathxia is a following dedicated to the worship of and allegiance to Reathxia and lead by the dark goddess herself. The group mainly spreads around Malton preaching of her lordship and sacrificing mortals (which includes zombies) in her name. Group HQ is currently at Skarin Row Police Department.

Group Goals

While the clergy can be considered a PK group, it is actually the submission of others that is the cult's goal, not the execution. The group itself is largely based on rp, and members will continually engage in preaching, propaganda, and other techniques in order to convert new followers. Career zombies that wish to join will organize in hordes of "minions" and attack the safehouses of unbelievers and even rival zombie hordes. Our first priority will be to take an entire suburb under our control to use as a base of operations, and Dunningwood is currently under consideration.

Why Join?

There are many reasons for joining Reathxia. The first is to annoy the Cult of the Crocodile which inspired the group to begin with. Another is guaranteed protection from sacrifice, as well as general protection. Reathxia swears to keep safe all of her "children" from any harm, including those annoying "undead vermin". The final reason is because, well, going from safehouse to safehouse preaching of darkness, speaking in vague and creepy poetry and sacrificing "unbelievers" is just plain fun. =)


Reathxia was born on the outskirts of Malton to a schizophrenic father and a mother who died during childbirth. Nearly from birth, she was so severely isolated due to her father's paranoia that even as a teenager she had not even basic comprehension of the world around her. In fact, she had never once left the rundown apartment complex in which she lived. Her only knowledge came from basic cable and emo/scene music that blared all hours from her only CD which she found in a hallway. That changed drastically as soon as the outbreak began; Within three days of the incident she was driven out of the apartment by the zombies that claimed her father, and, confused, she ran until she was overtaken by undead. Reathxia was soon revived as one of the first revivification points had been established nearby, but upon realizing she was alive, she assumed she was immortal, and, therefore, a goddess. Because her mind was nearly blank as she had nothing to learn in her old life, she absorbed the reality of this hellish Malton very quickly. She was already insane from her years of solitude and took to killing with a passion to get what she desired, which she learned quickly was submission. Reathxia took the full moon as her symbol and the title "Goddess of Night". As it seemed the day had set permanently for Malton, the land was rightfully hers. She began declaring her dominion over the world.


The name members type in their group space depends on several factors, including whether they are a human or zombie player. Humans typically will use simply "Church of Reathxia". Zombies on the other hand, will use "Reathxia's Minions". This does not change if you are a human that dies or a zombie that gets Combat Revived; The title is based on what you typically play as. Reathxia may also grant special titles in light of extraordinary service; Members that prove their loyalty to Reathxia may be granted the title "Prophet of Reathxia" while those seasoned in combat in service to her lordship may be granted the title "Dark Templar".

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