Church of the Present Resurrection

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...and the Undeniable Miracle

Central Beliefs

We live in a time of wonders! Miracles throng every street corner, and resurrection is a simple and affordable option for all! Yet the survivors of Malton barricade themselves against the bounty of the Dark God, they arm themselves to perpetrate deeds of terrible violence upon the blessed and holy, and they put their faith in Man's works, despite the fact that Man's works have failed them time and again.

The Church seeks to reach out to the Misguided and to directly educate them in the wonders of the age through Hands-On Resurrection Experiences.


The Sacrament of Death and Rebirth is the holiest ritual of the Church.

Code of Conduct

1. Sacrament is not given to Church members by Church members. If one of the Misguided performs Sacrament upon a member, this is accepted as the Will of the Dark God.

2. Revivification syringes are the Work of Man, and therefore a blight in the eyes of the Dark God. However, through prayer and meditation, Church leaders have determined that they may be used in order to the further the Will of the Dark God and to spread his message of Joy among the Misguided.

3. Sacrament is never to be given to inexperienced survivors, unless specifically requested. Our work is to Convert the Misguided, those survivors who have proved themselves rigid in their Fear of the Miracle.

4. It is the Holy Duty of Church members to spread the Teachings by providing Sacrament to the Misguided. Members must strive to educate those who receive the Sacrament, as well as those who witness it. Therefore, members Sermonize on the Teachings of the Church as they perform the Sacred Rite.


All are welcome to join the Church of the Present Resurrection! We do ask that you prove your commitment to the Message of the Dark God by completing the following initiation requirements:

1. Locate a Church Member and inform him of your desire to serve the Will of the Dark God.

2. Perform the Sacrament of Death and Rebirth upon the Church Member. Confused? The Misguided refer to the Sacrament as "player killing", so you should "kill" the Church Member.

3. Rejoice! You have just performed the holiest ritual of the Church of the Present Resurrection! The Dark God blesses you!

4. Register an account at and send Wicked Anderson a private message signaling your wish to join the Church (his profile is [1])

Current Headquarters

St. Arnold's Church (Rolt Heights) currently serves as the primary worship center for the Church of the Present Resurrection. All who shelter there are considered to be in the congregation, and thus need not be converted through the Sacrament of Death and Rebirth.


The position of Head Resurrectionist is currently filled by Wicked Anderson. Certain intolerant parties in Rolt Heights have forced him into hiding, but he continues to deliver sermons at St. Arnold's several times a week.

Information Services

As part of the Church's outreach program, Resurrection Radio is currently broadcasting on frequency 28.01 and 26.36. Please call in and voice your support for our work!

Notable Events

09/03/09- The Church of the Present Resurrection has declared that the former Downs Boulevard Fire Station will serve as the Primary Conversion Center for the CPR. Any survivors seeking shelter there are considered candidates for receiving the Sacrament of Death and Rebirth.

08/16/09- New Church member Average Alan performs his first Sacrament upon Killswitch Mitch. Halleluja!

08/11/09- After a long period of Reflection and Meditation, Church leader Wicked Anderson is revived by one of the Misguided. It is the Will of the Dark God that he continue his work and spread the message of Joy and Resurrection to the rigidly Misguided of Malton. Hallelujah!

06/05/07- Church claims responsibility for the Mass Conversion of the Quartly Study Group.