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Find out if your local theater is powered and ready to show your favorite movie!! Locate cinemas by location: Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, or Southeast Malton.

To jump directly to a suburb's cinema statuses, click below. Italicized suburbs have no cinemas.

Barrville, Brooke Hills, Brooksville, Buttonville, Chancelwood, Chudleyton, Crooketon, Crowbank, Dakerstown, Dartside, Darvall Heights, Danversbank, Dentonside, Dulston, Dunell Hills, Dunningwood, Earletown, East Becktown, East Boundwood, East Grayside, Eastonwood, Edgecombe, Foulkes Village, Fryerbank, Galbraith Hills, Gatcombeton, Gibsonton, Greentown, Grigg Heights, Gulsonside, Havercroft, Heytown, Hollomstown, Houldenbank, Huntley Heights, Jensentown, Judgewood, Kempsterbank, Ketchelbank, Kinch Heights, Lamport Hills, Lerwill Heights, Lockettside, Lukinswood, Millen Hills, Miltown, Mockridge Heights, Molebank, Mornington, New Arkham, Nixbank, North Blythville, Old Arkham, Osmondville, Owsleybank, Pashenton, Paynterton, Peddlesden Village, Pegton, Pennville, Penny Heights, Peppardville, Pescodside, Pimbank, Pitneybank, Quarlesbank, Raines Hills, Randallbank, Reganbank, Rhodenbank, Richmond Hills, Ridleybank, Roachtown, Roftwood, Rolt Heights, Roywood, Ruddlebank, Santlerville, Scarletwood, Shackleville, Shearbank, Shore Hills, Shuttlebank, South Blythville, Spicer Hills, Spracklingbank, Stanbury Village, Starlingtown, Tapton, Tollyton, Vinetown, West Becktown, West Boundwood, West Grayside, Whittenside, Williamsville, Wray Heights, Wyke Hills, Wykewood, Yagoton

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Prior to 2012, cinema statuses were manually updated. Now this page uses the DangerReport system to automatically update.