Civil Inquisition Agency

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Civil Inquisition Agency
Abbreviation: CIA
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Pending
Goals: Investigation and Execution of Zergers

The Civil Inquisition Agency

"Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis"

Formed to combat the insidious infiltration of zergs within the city of Malton.
(more to come. you know if i get less lazy and more motivated or something)

Now Recruiting

The CIA is a new group and now is the time to get in on the ground floor! So far the only solid rule I have decided on is that you must have an account at Resensitized in order to join. I expect that this group will be working hand in hand with the Resensitized community/Zerg Hunters Unlimited. During these founding days it would also be helpful if you are a person with a good reputation within the UD community.

I have no particular expectation of being this groups leader so anyone with those qualities is much needed. A person with good diplomatic skills would also be helpful. Most things I consider open to change (except this groups primary goal of combating Zergs) so I think there will a lot of opportunity here for anyone interested in this groups goal.

Modus Operandi

My idea is for the CIA to be a mobile, tight knit group that will concentrate its forces against zergs in a particular area that has a large zerg presence. I hope this will complement Zerg Hunters Unlimited which seems to have more widespread approach. CIA would be a tool to bring a focused and concentrated cleansing flame to suppress zergs and generally make their lives miserable and perhaps even grief them out of the game.

The All Seeing Eye. Symbolic of the CIA's ever watchful eye, and it's mission to find and report zergs.

The Sword of Justice. Symbolic of the CIA's mission to bring death and grief to all zergers.

The Flame of Enlightenment. Symbolic of the CIA's mission to raise the awareness of zergs to the population/groups of any area it visits and to encourage active participation in the destruction of zergs by all good players. If all honest players can be brought to bear against zergs, and with the same zeal that most hunt PKers, that would be half the battle.

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