Club Spirod

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Club Spirod
EthrDemon (talk) 03:22, 13 May 2020 (UTC)

Club Spirod

Club Spirod

Millen Hills [56,13]

the Talbott Arms the Mewburn Arms Chicke Walk
the Saint Building Club Spirod the Leggatt Hotel
Restrick Auto Repair the Prangnell Building the Arch Building

Basic Info:

  • Clubs are Dark buildings.
  • The usual internal description of a Club reads as follows:
    "…in the near-darkness of the main dancefloor."
  • When powered by a portable generator, the internal description changes to the following:
    "Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers."
  • Clubs can be barricaded normally.


Club Spirod was the last club to open in Millen Hills prior to the Apocalypse. As such, it was by far the most popular, bringing all walks of life together to dance and carry on late into the night. Money and influence poured into this club on a nightly basis. Everyone who wanted to be anyone wanted to be seen inside hob-nobbing with the rich and mostly-famous. This club WAS the place to be, until the rich and alive became very much undead.

Also seen loitering around Club Spirod were the ladies working the red light district, servicing the Prangnell Building as well as the nearby Leggatt Hotel.

Barricade plan

EHB, in accordance with the Millen Hills Barricade Plan.