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Club Yorke
--Versace presence (talk) 21:41, 10 February 2022 (UTC)
Club Yorke

Miltown [92, 97]

Villar Park Tite Way School Quarles Library
a factory Club Yorke Callistus General Hospital
Merryweather Boulevard Bradley Walk Porter Library

Basic Info:

  • Clubs are Dark buildings.
  • The usual internal description of a Club reads as follows:
    "…in the near-darkness of the main dancefloor."
  • When powered by a portable generator, the internal description changes to the following:
    "Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers."
  • Clubs can be barricaded normally.

General Information

Club Yorke is one of two clubs in the suburb of Miltown, though it is the only Private Gentlemen's Club in the area.

The Glitzy Disco Funk of the public front provides both a perfect cover for the Private Club, and a reasonably lucrative source of income - as it attracts teeny-boppers from the local school (despite attempts by teachers and parents to stop this) and tiny-boppers from the Hobbit enclave to the South West.

The Club Yorke Initiative has recently claimed this building as their HQ, after deciding that using Club Otero as an HQ didn't quite fit their name.



09th April 2020 - Club has been in ruins for several weeks. No barricades. Mafiamanz (talk) 11:31, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Miltown barricade plan, please keep this building at Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

Nearby entry points at:

Tite Way School, one block north [92, 96].

St. Francis's Hospital, one block north, two blocks west [90, 96].

Brancker Bank, two blocks south [92, 99].


The White Rose Gentlemen's Club is run by local dilettante, Charles Chalfont and it has a very exclusive membership list. It was suspected that members of this club were involved in the scandal at 'The Cuban', but not evidence was ever discovered linking them to Mr. Gryffen.

Suspected members include Wing Commander Avery Holmes (commander of the Malton RAF base), Major Tom, John, and Jack Jackson (Three Gentlemen Adventurers who consider Malton their home).

It is rumoured that the staff of Club Yorke have donated frequently to leftist political causes for 8 years. These claims are unfounded.