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Club Yorke Initiative
Abbreviation: CYI
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Wyk
Goals: Constant building documentation, keeping Miltown (somewhat) safe.
Recruitment Policy: Make "Club Yorke Initiative" your group name and get to work!
Contact: Figuring that out


It was a dark and stormy night... A trio of shivering survivors accumulated inside a ruined building, lamenting over the lack of a nice toasty gentlemen's club to call a home. Coincidentally, one fellow was the manager of a gentlemen's club named Club Yorke located in the suburb of Miltown. The others followed. Their plan was simple: Make a dashing entrance, usher any zeds out through the windows, then barricade it up. However, as they grew closer to their goal, and saw the extensive damage Miltown had taken, they realized that in order to keep their Club safe, they'd have to ensure for the safety of everyone else in Miltown. And thus the Club Yorke Initiative was born!


Our plan is not impossible nor trenchcoaty, we know full well that a safe haven within Malton is never going to last long, and that boasting about creating one only attracts zed hordes by the masses. We want to use the wiki to keep Miltown and it's buildings up to date, and to do what we can to make living in Miltown a bearable experience while the zombies aren't around. Eventually, Miltown will fall, as does any suburb, but once the zombies clear out we'll be back in business, repairing and documenting Miltown as best we can. So, in short, here are our goals:


The Uniform Residential Satisfaction Initiative - Keep every Miltown building at it's proper barricading level and in good condition.

The Uniform Generator Emplacement Initiative - Provide every Miltown building with a genny, every TRP with a radio

The Up To Date Building Documentation Initiative - Update every Miltown building's status twice a week. (Wiki Based)

The A FAK A Day Keeps Zombification Away Initiative - Keep every Miltown citizen at their best health.

The Improved Building Information Template Initiative - Provide adequate information on every Miltown building's wiki page (Nearest Entry Point, Nearest Revive Point, etc)

The Miltown Mast Initiative - Ensure that Factory 94,95 is always running to provide mobile phone using survivors the best in social networking that Malton has to offer.

The Keep Your Bloody HQ In Pristine Condition Initiative - Keep Club Yorke in pristine condition.

Long Term

The Historical Documentation & Descriptive Writing Initiative - Provide an interesting backstory and description to every description and history lacking Miltown building (Wiki Based)

The Snare Initiative - Encourage artists and entertainers to come into Miltown to perform for Miltown citizens.

The Building Beautification Initiative - Fill Miltown buildings with artwork.

The Radio Miltown Initiative - Bolster the confidence of Miltown residents on the radio channel of Miltown, 26.20, providing regular short messages of support for their effort to survive, telling a good joke or two, and providing a Miltown Sitrep at the end of the week. Also ensure that all radio transmitters that CYI members set up are set to 26.20.

The Four Quarters

To be elaborated on further upon further editing, in order to complete our goals as effectively as possible, we have split Miltown into four quarters. If we have, at a bare minimum, one CYI member per quarter, we can quite easily provide up to date information on the status of all of Miltown on a daily basis. However, updating a building status daily is pointless unless there has been some alteration to it, such as if the genny is destroyed or the barricades lowered/raised. Due to this, an update is only required once or twice a week, unless there is an alteration to the building, in which case an update to the status must be made immediately.

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