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CoExistance is the radical theory of peaceful cohabitation of Malton between Zombies and *Humans. Although there are no official groups currently affiliated with this concept, a few individuals long for an age where the living and the dead can co-operate and go about their business without fear from each other, and can switch between the two states freely. Naturally *CoExistence goes against the principles of many other groups and Malton inhabitants, both Zombie and Human, and is often a very outspoken third way.

Many supporters are deeply fanatical about achieving total CoExistence, and would think nothing of eradicating those obstacles in the path of progress - both live and dead.

There are several different main schools of thought when it comes to how the city will run under Total CoExistence - some think the city should be divided into living and dead, with patrol units of each state to ensure the rules of CoExistence are maintained, with people crossing borders when they wish to die or be revived. Others believe that the city should be free of all barriers, and zombies and humans should be free to mingle and even reproduce. Luckily, as the project of CoExistence is likely to be a long one, there is plenty of time to discuss and decide what should happen to the city after completion of CoExistence.

Naturally this would mean that the game and leveling would be irrelevent.

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