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The Colbourne Mishap was an unfortunate incident occuring early 2003, involving a collision between an ambulance of the Egbert General and a patrol car of the Creedy Way Police Department in the vicinity of the Colbourne Boulevard.

The Mishap

A private security camera captured footage of a patrol car leaving the police station at around 70 miles per hour, without checking for traffic. The car collided side on with an ambulance about to turn into the hospital driveway to deliver a patient.

Upon impact, the police officer was thrown straight through the windshield and slammed spine first into the passenger door of the ambulance. He was killed instantly.


Despite the ambulance crew not suffering any physical damage, the driver continued to have nightmares and visions. Due to a lack of mental support available he commited suicide five months later; by driving his car at full speed into a propane tank at the base of the Stroud Building.

The Policeman was buried in the St. Piran's Church cemetery, in Hollomstown - where he had a flat.

The Ambulance Driver's body was never recovered, so a funeral never took place.

In popular Culture

The crash was re-enacted in a 2005 edition of the TV show Malton Manglings. It was criticised for portraying the Police Officer as a metalhead with knack of swearing every two seconds.

Following Blenheims

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