Collick-McGrady Memorial Botanical Garden and Arboretum of New Gardenton

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Under-constgruction-transparent.png Collick-McGrady Memorial Botanical Garden and Arboretum of New Gardenton is under construction.
It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
Feel free to check back later for an update in information.

The New Gardenton Botanical Gardens is currently under construction. Please check back later.
Biosphere Construction.jpg

The Botanical Gardens

Ketchelbank [41,30] – [45,33]

Wakely Alley
(Brooke Hills)
St. Pius's Church
(Brooke Hills)
Hearne Lane
(Brooke Hills)
the Joce Building
(Brooke Hills)
Membery Avenue
(Brooke Hills)
Stallworthy Square
(Brooke Hills)
a cemetery
(Brooke Hills)
Turle Bank Gardens the Savanna Gardens Gardens Desert Botanical Gardens Allerton Street
the Staples Building Gardens Gardens Alpinum Gardens Gardens Broadbear Road
the Kempson Building Cherry Tree Grove Gardens Gardens Biosphere Conservatory Gardens Gunson Row
Boniface Drive Gardens Gardens Auquatic Flora Gardens Gardens Gardens St. Matthias's Church
Edgcumbe Street Getsom Drive Fire Station Edson Bank a warehouse wasteland Banbury Square the Telfer Building

Malton's Botanical Garden is situated in north-northwest New Gardenton, and fills an area 4 blocks long by 5 blocks wide. The Botanical Gardens span the area between these four corners:

  • Northwest: [41,30]
  • Southwest: [41,33]
  • Northeast: [45,30]
  • Southeast: [45,33]

This contains mostly empty land, dotted with several abandoned enclosures:

The Desert Botanical Gardens and the Aquatic Flora Gardens are buildings without doors, the other enclosures have wire fences that work the same as Junkyards.

Empty blocks marked "Gardens" are open land and cannot be barricaded.

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