Colonel Mustard's Wild Turkeys

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Colonel Mustard's Wild Turkeys
Drunk Bird 4.jpg
Abbreviation: CMWT
Group Numbers: 2+
Leadership: Collective
Goals: Survival
Recruitment Policy: Not at this time

Who We Are

Colonel Mustard's Wild Turkeys has a long history with the game. We started out like most, survivors, several months after the initial outbreaks. We've seen most of the map. Seen groups come and go. People die, come back, die again. We've rescued Ft Perryn and even held our ground at Quartly in Fryerbank.

We're a relatively small outfit, but highly organized and motivated to bring order back to Malton. We do, however, adhere to the Dual Nature Policy. Some people seem to not understand this policy. Let me try to summarize...

Dual Nature Policy

Dual nature is not spying. It is not PKing or ZKing. It's Roleplaying in its truest sense. We fully immerse ourselves in the role we currently play. We consider it cheating to be a "thinking" zombie. When we die, we rise up and attack humans. When we're alive, we try our best to stay that way. We treat each experience separately, playing as we have no knowledge of what goes on when we were in the other state.

Chain of Command

There is none.


Steve Vance

Bill Ankht Photo.jpg Bill Ankht



Whirling Stormcrow


We are currently not recruiting. If you see us in the field and want to hang out, just come to The Ottewill Arms and share a brew with us. We'll shoot the breeze and then kill some zombies in a drunken haze.

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Dual Nature Policy.
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