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Our Recruitment Policy

Want to join the notorious Columbine Kids? Of course you do!
Simply follow the steps outlined below, and before you know it
you'll be PKing with Malton's finest!

1: Apply for forum membership.
2: Kill an innocent survivor.
3: Change your Group Affiliation.

Apply For Forum Membership

Click here to visit and register at our forum, using the same name as your UD character. While you're waiting for validation (usually within 12 hours), follow the steps below to assure acceptance to our private area (fnaar) and of course, to our group.

I repeat, step two must be completed before acceptance into the Columbine Kids is granted.

Kill an Innocent Survivor


Self explanatory.

Consider this your 'initiation'. The victim must be completely innocent - no zombie group members or known PKers.

Make sure you screenshot the event as 'proof' of this, as your word alone won't cut it at this stage. We recommend using dumbwit.

Then simply go to this thread on our forum, and start a new topic, making sure that you insert a link to your UD profile, and to a screenshot of you murdering an innocent.

Change your Group Affiliation

Sign in with your character, click on 'edit my profile'. Where it says 'group affiliation' simply write Columbine Kids. Make sure spelling and capitalization are the same, otherwise you won't be counted among us on the stats page.

And that's it! You're now a fully fledged member! Let the killing begin...


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