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Recently Created The Group Stands to Protect Malton in The Hopes of the Extermination of all Zeds and return Malton to it's Once Peaceful Existence

Motto I shall Not Fall I Carry The Hope and Glory of My City and Country Upon My shoulder I work with My squad Together we are an effective unit Alone you are strong. Together you are Unstoppable. Discipline Is my Ally and No hope for my Enemy

Suburb We are Currently Beginning in Southern Malton I'm in East Grayside

We Do Not Pk Unless an ally or or ourselves have been Pk'ed and only to That Member who Pk'ed Us

Recruitment Policy everyone Accepted

Station and Teams We are Usually Stationary as I am looking for an HQ for the Group we may be nomadic around the East Grayside Area. and are divided into 4 fireteams at the Moment Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, and team Nomad Anyone is welcome and can Apply for any of the Fireteams We are Looking for Leaders and Sqaud Members for The Fireteams and are also Necrotech to Revive and Heal.

Means of Communication

  1. 1 is always the Forum
  2. 2 is Just as Effective MSN you can't get me at

--DDTKID 22:05, 8 February 2009 (UTC)DDTKID

To Be Updated

--DDTKID 17:54, 25 January 2009 (UTC)DDTKID

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