Comitty Row Fire Station

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Comitty Row Fire Station
rotter inside
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Comitty Row Fire Station

New Arkham [5,95]

Halliday Lane a carpark Lawrence Auto Repair
the Parr Building Comitty Row Fire Station Hinkes Auto Repair
Tilke Bank a carpark wasteland

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


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AquaEntryPoint.jpg Barricading policy

Comitty Row Fire Station is to be kept Very Strongly Barricaded at all times.
If you're looking for nearby Revive Points, take a look at the list.
Note: This advice is according to the local barricading plan, and may vary from the UBP or locally developed plans.
For more info on barricade plans, click here or take a look at this location's suburb page.


Originally activated under the command of Lieutenant SatanDisc, the Fire Station is to be stocked with alcohol at all times. The station had later been elected as the MFD HQ for New Arkham by Captain NiteAxe.

CRFS originally caught fire at the time of the outbreak when an infected firefighter caught on fire while cooking a grilled cheese sandwich. Witnesses saw the flaming body lurching around the second floor, igniting everything in sight. The station was abandoned as surviving personnel fled to find their families.

Comitty Row Fire Station provides key strategic entry to "New Arkham Hotel," the large cluster of safehouses in northeast New Arkham that provides safety to tourists visiting New Arkham. It is important that the barricade plan be followed strictly.

Since New Arkham has neither police departments nor malls, zombie-capping trenchcoaters are in short supply here. Arkham's firefighters are expected to shoulder the additional burdens of delivering eviction notices to zombie homewreckers. Keep your axes ready!

Commity Row.jpg


I reach this Fire Station, it is fire-damaged metal-and-glass building surrounded by burnt-out cars. The building's doors have been secured. Through the broken windows, can see the interior of the building has been ruined, and inside Comitty Row Fire Station has been completely ransacked, and has fallen into ruin. The doors to the street have been secured. --Jefe Gorgory 12:51, 15 May 2008 (BST)

The Comitty Row Fire Station doors now swing in the breeze...--Sicrowell 01:58, 5 April 2008 (BST)

Survivors in the New Arkham area are asked to watch out for Sir Drake. He has been sighted PKing members in the area. If you see him, kill him onsite or contact a MPD officer for help. 05:34, 7 May 2006 (BST)

As the MFD continue to make New Arkham a safer place, the CRFS continues to be a strategic stronghold in our battle. The CRFS is continually monitored for survivors and new recruits. 07:46, 4 May 2006 (BST)

With the advent of the new Ransack zed skill, the MFD has another important task to achieve. Traditionally charged with barricading buildings and healing survivors when possible, it is now important the all MFD personnel repair damaged buildings to allow others to search them. This also means being vigilent in removing dead bodies from buildings and clearing zeds out of them (since it makes searching difficult). Additionally, it is now more important than ever to get resource buildings powered to improve survivor searching chances. Here is information for finding key powering components:

Portable Generators
Factories (3%)
Fire Stations (2%)
Power Stations (2%)
Mall Hardware Stores(1%/2%)
Fuel Cans
Auto Repair shops (5%)
Factories (3%)
Warehouses (3%)
Carparks (2%?)
Power Stations (1%)
Junkyards (1%?)

Any survivors who find there way to the Comitty Row Fire Station are asked not to spend the night. Since it is close to The Parr Building with the phone mast, it is frequented by zeds. Please contact your local DEM personnel for assistance.

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