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Radio Lenin is the official radio station of the Communist Party of Malton, the frequency for Radio Lenin is 26.98 MHz. Radio Lenin is administered by the Ministry of Communications. The current CPM minister operating Radio Lenin is Vice President robert e killer.

The Ministry of Communications suggest all of our members have a radio tuned to this station at all times. It is used principally for organizational purposes, alerts of attacks, basic tactical discourse, political agitation, party announcements, and anything else concerning the party. It is polite to name yourself when using this frequency. We know that there are enemies of the party who may feel it necessary to infiltrate our airwaves with hostile intent. People who use our frequency without permission of the Vice President and Operator of Radio Lenin robert e killer who in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications runs the station will be found and dealt with.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.98 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: In Willamsville

Recent News

On the 24th of May 2008 History was made when Radio Lenin began broadcasting from Forse Library. Anyone interested in becoming Radio Operator please come to Forse Library and talk to me or join the CPM at our forums

Current Cabinet

The CPM Cabinet, which was sworn in on 5 May 2008, is as follows:

Office Incumbent
President of the Communist Party of Malton Maxim Gorky
Vice President of the Communist Party of Malton robert e killer
Attorney General of the Communist Party of Malton heathmaniac2
Minister for Defence of the Communist Party of Malton CommieTomboy
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of Malton I blew up a possum
Minister for Health of the Communist Party of Malton McDosy
Minister for Education of the Communist Party of Malton Boojie Basilio
Minister for Communications of the Communist Party of Malton Foxhound31
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