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Comrade Maarten is the purported Spiritual Leader of the Shacknews Zombie Horde.


Comrade Maarten ingesting a delucious cranial snack.

West Grayside

Rumours of this mysterious "Comrade Maarten" character first originated in West Grayside during Shacknews Zombie Horde attacks on Necrotech facilities and other large commercial outlets. A perceptive group of survivors discovered that the horde is apparently attracted to the words "Maarten" and, to a lesser extent, "Appelflappen".

For more detailed information about this incident, see the Shacknews Resistance.

Other Information

Despite a search of the remaining public libraries in affluent suburbs of Malton, no information on Maarten or Appelflappen can be found. Search efforts are now being concentrated at the remaining museums for anything - historical archives, texts, and the like - which may refer to these two terms.

Confirmed Information


  • Comrade Maarten surveys the scene during the closing stages of the Shacknews Caiger Mall siege. Note the zombies' reactions after witnessing Their Illustrious Leader.
    In what can only be described as "extremely disturbing", many zombies are submitting screenshots of Comrade Maarten Himself on the battlefield. While it's worth noting that zombies are armed with fuzzy memories, low IQ and (very basic) working knowledge of Photoshop, the sheer amount of sightings can no longer be denied as a fallacy: Comrade Maarten has taken a non-ethereal form and is lurking somewhere in Malton, manipulating His Horde. He has not been witnessed in actual battle, however; all sightings are usually accompanied by His hasty retreat from the area.

October 2006

  • After a difficult and violent struggle against the remaining zombies (which, it's important to note, were not associated with the invading Horde; they have since moved on to other food malls in the hope of finding something better than the tripe being served in Pole Mall), survivor groups have retaken Pole Mall and the surrounding areas. Upon entering the mall and going up the escalators to do some shopping at their favourite GAP clothing outlet, the survivors found a large poster of a man wearing a grey coat, set against a red and black background. The poster had been stuck on the wall above the escalator with a sticky mixture of blood and brain matter. Analysis of the poster is continuing, however experts are already expressing the opinion that the man on the poster is not the mysterious Comrade Maarten character that the Horde may or may not be looking for. Said one: "Why the hell would anyone, brainless or not, attempt to seek that?"
  • A restored copy of a poster found in the wreckage of Pole Mall. Many residents are adamant that this poster was not present prior to the Horde invasion.
    Some elements of the Shacknews Zombie Horde have been witnessed murmering "Maaaarten ... Maaaarten ..." when advancing upon helpless foes. Upon reaching their targets, and discovering that the victim/s in question is NOT, in fact, Comrade Maarten, the victim always dies an extremely gruesome death.
  • Other survivors have witnessed "a fervent glow" in the zombies' eyes as they approach. This, they state, is not unfamiliar to the fervent glow that they saw in various religious leaders' eyes, as they led their congregations every fine Sunday morning in happier times before the zombie outbreak in Malton. This seems to lend weight to the theory that the Horde may believe that Comrade Maarten is a God.
  • Sometimes, mysterious glowing text will appear on the side of buildings before or after the Horde moves to a new location. This text is always in the syntax "Maarten's <place> of Appelflappen", where <place> can refer to a house, mall, brothel, or other noun as appropriate. When the text is written without the Horde being present, the Horde will seemingly descend upon the location as appropriate.

Inconclusive Information

  • Comrade Maarten, as a God, has been rumoured to have unlimited AP. When questioned about this, Kevan replied "He's a God, he can do whatever He wants!"
  • In addition to the Maarten's <place> of Appelflappen remarks above, the text is always written in spraypaint. It is unknown how this text is finding itself on the buildings; survivors would not knowingly put this inflammatory and dangerous text on there, and zombies cannot use spraypaint. One can only suggest that a higher power - possibly Comrade Maarten himself? - is placing the text as a guide for His zombies.
  • Rumours that a member of the Knights Templar survivor group sneezed in late September - a sneeze which sounded like "mmmmm ... aHHHHHHTEN!" - cannot be substantiated at this time, due to the fact that zombies still can't speak legible English.

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