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Concerned Citizens
Concerned citizens.png
Abbreviation: CC
Group Numbers: 11
Leadership: SyrusRayne AKA DanoAcharn, Leadership Council
Goals: Establish HQ
Begin Offensive Operations
Expand Organizational Functions
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Concerned Citizens Forum

"Follow Frohman" - Rumors of his arrival are spread far and wide. The very thought of his presence casts the shadow of fear into the hearts of all.

Intercepted Document

Subject: Concerned Citizens

Location: Malton Quarantine Zone

Threat Level: Discretionary

Reports of an atmospheric phenomenon have raised legitimate concerns. The specific energy flux could indicate an event horizon... an arch in space-time that has been distorted by a powerful dark energy discharge at the Point of Origin.

In this case, the point of origin can not be identified. However, rumors of a third party intervention can not be discredited. A biological signature was identified and matched to one "Gordon Frohman".

His movements seem erratic but surprisingly linear. Even so, tracking of Frohman has proven difficult due to his tendency to crawl through air ducts and sewers. His reasons for such navigation are completely unknown.

Wave the banner of the Frohman... carefully. These things can be dangerous.

Combat skills seem questionable given the use of a shovel as a barricade. Other incidents include the use of a shotgun to open a bottle of beer and an attempt to power a generator with gunpowder.

Remarkably, actionable evidence of a growing band of Frohman followers has arisen. Given a chance encounter with a man documented as "Captain Rogers", Frohman revealed undisclosed information.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Frohman fired a flare gun inside an old munitions factory. Rogers was last identified somewhere over Roftwood.

However, limited information indicates additional contacts for both Frohman and Rogers. Allegedly, a rag-tag team is forming. A strange variety of beings have united under the mantle of "Concerned Citizens". Their ultimate purpose is as yet unknown.

Status: Further Evaluation Required

Broadcasting for the defense of Malton from all threats... foreign, domestic, and multidimensional alien space slugs.

Squad Radio Information

The Concerned Citizens have identified a select frequency for radio communications. This unique frequency is dedicated to squad communications and should be used with adequate discretion.

Frequency: 27.78 MHz
Transmiter Location: Variable

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Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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