Confessions of Zeko

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Hey there, Rozozag here. I just thought I'd like to let you guys know just went on with the Disciples of Zeko. There are lots of rumors and lots of stories, and I'm going to straighten them all out today. So, without further ado, I'd like to begin the Confessions of Zeko.

Two Man Cult

First off, the accusations are true. We were indeed zergers. Pretty obvious, no? Well, I have to start at the obvious.

The Disciples of Zeko were operated than no more than two members. Rozozag, and and RedZeko. Anyone else involved in major activities was just an additional account that was normally just for out of area PK'ing. It wasn't until the Valentine's Day Massacre that we'd zerged with them.

Anyone else who PK's in our name who aren't part of The Seven? Just random PK'ing nuts out to do the work on their own. The only canonized member who wasn't Zeko or I was To Talk, who I thank dearly for her continual work in the Whatmore building. We aren't so much about the GK'ing, but hey, whatever works.

From Humble Beginnings

Originally, I was merely a wandering survivor, as was my close friend RedZeko. We had three accounts each that we used to just do random nothings. We never came to close to each other, and just talked about our daily exploits. It wasn't for some time that we picked up PK'ing.

Back then, survivors weren't informed of killings in their midsts, and it was much easier to do so. Mostly we just killed a couple people every day, and moved on with no consequences whatsoever. The game had only been out for merely three months, and not many things were organized at the time.

RedZeko once cleared a room of 20 people from a Police Department all on his own without leaving a single time. It was quite a hilarious subject. I didn't do more than wander and slay, so I hadn't too many stories to share.

Every day we'd share word of our murders. RedZeko always topped mine, and it's no wonder he became the god of such a widespread religion. People were blamed for HIS murders back then and slain. It was an all around good time.

The Road to Yagoton

Before long, we grew bored of our wandering lifestyles and RedZeko came to me with an idea. He told me he'd been around, seen things. He had arrived to Caiger Mall and was awed by what he saw. Said he wanted to be part of something bigger than himself, to help out the survivors we'd been taking from for so long.

He introduced to me just a way to do that. That there was this clinic in Yagoton that was like a beacon of hope to all survivors. A place where revives were frequent and easy (back then revives were a pain in the ass. You were extremely lucky ever to get one and death was much more of a stumbling block).

Inspired, I came with him to Yagoton all the way from South-West Malton. We arrived one day before the attack of The Grey. Never before had we witnessed a zombie mob in action, and we did the best we could to stem the undead tides. Eventually, due to a mixture of apathy and boredom, they gave up and left.

We tried to help the building for a time, doing our thing. Bringing revives, plugging rotters. But it just got boring. We felt our old murderous instinct come back to us, and soon the idea for a new plan hatched into our heads.

The Valentine's Day Massacre

RedZeko came to me one day, amids a good meal, to tell me he had an idea. He was going to kill the most people anyone had ever killed. And how? Well, he explained to me he'd use every single character he'd ever made, and mine, to attack people to near death and then swoop in and take the kill. I approved and let him take my characters.

Come Valentine's Day, he did it. Using two computers, he murdered the people of Whatmore in what would be known later as the Valentine's Day Massacre. Originally, it had no name, and wasn't even intended on being on Valentine's Day. That was pure coincidence, but it certainly did it's part to promote the event.

The Founding of the Church

You'll be surprised to know I, Rozozag, founded the church on a whim. Bored one day, I murdered a man in cold blood within Whatmore and declared "Praise be to Zeko!". From that moment on, I knew I had a great idea. Writing up the tenets of the faith, I founded the Disciples of Zeko.

It was great fun, and before long I got RedZeko into it. Together we Pk'd here and there, and had our laughs, declaring it all in Zeko's name. We knew we'd never take Whatmore, but we didn't care. We were just in it for shits and giggles.


We'd been hearing about Paradox for some time, and inspired from what we heard, we wanted a piece of the pie. We joined the group and gave the impression that we had been working for them. For some time we pretended to do their work, giving them news of Yagoton. They trusted and believed us, and even appointed us officials for news from Yagoton, as their presence was elsewhere, and they gave money for the IP Hit free accounts, which served us greatly later.

This what just what we had been waiting for. Together we forged stories of PK'ers in Yagoton. We requested our own group of soldiers to kill these "Pk'ers" when in reality, they'd be innocent scientists and bystanders. It almost worked, but then a major battle enveloped Tollyton and they had to pull out to defend.

Meanwhile, we were still PK'ing, which wasn't too great, because rumors got out about Disciples mimicking Paradox membership. It didn't take too long for Paradox to hear about this, and they ejected us from their group. Ravachole (the leader) himself executed us, but only once. They had a bounty hunter out on us, but he got bored and left, and we continued to play.

The Fall of Paradox

Spurned by Paradox, we decided to bring them down. But how? We were only a two man group. I had an idea, and RedZeko did it. He contacted every major zombie group in activity at the time and proposed an attack on Tollyton. We received a reply from the largest zombie conglomerate at the time. A good portion loved our idea, and would propose it to their "council". Unfortunately, the idea was shot down, and the conglomerate didn't help.

Fortunately, the groups that agreed did. One of said groups was the Ridley Bank Defense Force. We convinced them of the unsafe proximity of such a human friendly neighborhood, and together, they attacked Paradox, leading to their eventual downfall. It was a proud day for Redzeko and I.

Unfortunately, being only the instigators of the attack, we received no credit, but that was fine with us. It still did us well knowing we were the catalysts in the fall of Paradox.

The Death of RedZeko

Our fun couldn't last forever, and soon we grew careless. We left our characters dead in one area, and smack, six of The Seven and RedZeko were frozen. I quit due to lack of wanting to build up new characters to that point, but RedZeko went on, making new characters to fill the void. I went on and he kept going.

He created RedZek0 and intended it to be the new RedZeko, but he too was frozen. It was hard work, and it seemed to not just be the bot, but Kevan himself glaring down upon us. We rule breakers had been punished for our crimes.

Rebirth of Rozozag

Some time after, I came back, after hearing about the fact people PK'd in our name and declared kills. That were so talked about and widespread. I hadn't realized the Disciples had reached such high levels of notoriety. Inspired, I joined back, now with Saint Rozozag.

We did a few months of activity, and I started a shadow campaign to make us look bigger and more active than we were. I created fake announcements of activities and rallies, and even made the group Yagoton Watch with which to create fake Yagoton news announcements of Zekoite activity. I wanted to instill paranoia and uncertainty of the actions and perportions of our group, and came to moderate success.

The Second Massacre

It was pure coincidence that I made that announcement of Zekoite activity with the Yagoton Watch account only a single day before The Second Massacre of Yagoton. At first I decided to let people believe it was us, but I felt bad for stealing another's hard work, and had decided to admit our lack of involvement in the Second Massacre.

It still makes me laugh that though theirs was bigger, had more kills, and was more epic, we were the ones who had done it first, and therefore their effort when largely unnoticed and received almost no notoriety for the event.

Happily Ever After

Real life started to intrude on our fun, and before long, we merely gave up. We couldn't keep up our busy schedules and this game, and had to quit. We were speedy deleted without realizing, then revitalized and placed in nomination for historical group, but I popped up, claimed activity and had us removed from the list.

I quit shortly thereafter, as did Redzeko. Now the group has finally come to an end. I'd like to thank everyone involved, especially To Talk and Morth Babid. To Talk was our most active member that we know of, and Morth did some great work with enshrining our deeds. It's been a great run, but we're finished now. It's time I leave this steaming pile of rubble called Malton.

Amen, and Praise be to Zeko.