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This is a database where all members who have AIM, a wiki profile, MSN, or email can post their info and find other users. Please add {{contact}} to your page to help promote this.

Feel free to add your name to the list. When adding your name please follow the example provided below:

Urban Dead Profile Wiki Profile Group AIM Contact MSN Contact Email Contact
Lemonhead7t7 name group Username N/A N/A

Please add your information here, in alphabetical order.

Urban Dead Profile Wiki Profile Group AIM Contact MSN Contact Email Contact
AgentAnderson AgentAnderson Breach Of Peace N/A N/A N/A
Angor Animi Animi Malton Emergency Medical Services Coronaviridae N/A
Benigno Benigno Zone Defenders N/A N/A N/A
Blanemcc Blanemcc Browncoats N/A
Brianna Diggers Sabanya Cybele's Sisters Wild0ne189 N/A
bullgod Bullgod Feral Undead idleamish N/A N/A
DragonRagnarok DragonRagnarok RCC DragonRagnarok33 N/A N/A
Dropkick O'Reilly Samhain Sam West Malton University N/A N/A N/A
DuxDucis Dux Ducis Red Rum N/A N/A
Escavel Escavel VGCSU Escavel
Father Thompson Father Thompson MCDU I3luerfish N/A N/A
Evildemon989 Evildemon989 Metal Fox Evildemon9898
Grigori 24 Grigori Pescodside Defense Alliance Grigori0524 N/A
goebi goebi Lfs team N/A N/A N/A
Haemolacria Animi Knights of the Temple of the Shrike Coronaviridae N/A
Jamie Cantwel3 Jamie Cantwell3 THe tagging chEf N/A
johnny lunchpail Johnny Lunchpail U.S. ARMY INFANTRY Lt Lunchpail N/A N/A
Jurai Jurai Pescodside Defense Alliance JustRelax1225 N/A N/A
Kaizer the Faust Kaizer The Faust VGCSU ohgodyourfacefap
Jaydepps Jaydepps Metal Fox Phillyfan08204
Killerwolfbot N/A Pescodside Defense Alliance kongwolfzoids
Labine10 Labine50 Malton Emergency Medical Services N/A N/A
Mongoose Plissken N/A None WhoIsJackJL N/A
Mayor Fitting Mayor Fitting West Grayside Watch barbarian457 N/A
Mika Jolicoeur Mika Jolicoeur None TheBebeness
Poncharelo N/A Ponch's N/A N/A
Red Mercury RedMercury VGCSU N/A N/A
Rhuster Rhuster Pescodside Defense Alliance Baceman6 N/A
SgtBop SgtBop Divum Viridis SgtB0p
Viral Meningitis Animi Feral Undead Coronaviridae N/A
xensyria xensyria Malton Civil Defense Unit xensyria N/A N/A
XxCannon FodderxX XxPale HorsexX E.N.D. N/A N/A
XxPale HorsexX XxPale HorsexX DRRP N/A N/A
Orfui Orfui Malton Police Department N/A N/A