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Cookie Brigade
Abbreviation: CB
Group Numbers: less than 10
Leadership: Cookie Baker
Goals: Handing out baked goods
Recruitment Policy: Be an survivor
Contact: Forum, Chat #cookie

Cookie Brigade is a bold battalion of bakers intent upon delivering delicious delights to the people of Malton.


  1. Have fun. If a game isn't fun, what's the point in playing it?
  2. Don't zerg or abuse alts. It should probably go without saying that, at the very least, a group should demand that you follow the game's rules.
  3. No metagame spying. It's not cool. We don't need to know what's being said on another group's forum or chat, especially if you gained access through an alt or under false pretenses.
  4. Don't be a jerk to your teammates. If you a behaving in such a way that other people aren't going to want to play with you, you will be leaving rather than letting anyone else leave because of you. This is supposed to be a friendly, fun group. Let's keep it that way, shall we?
  5. No text raping. Seriously, this isn't funny and it's definitely not cute.
  6. We're a survivor group. That means we don't eat people and such as a zombie. It's hard to hand out delicious baked goods when you're dead.
  7. While we're not a PKer group, there are some players that it's alright to shoot at. These include: Anyone that has killed a member of our group, anyone with a PKer group listed in their profile, and any known zerg.

And one more thing, not an actual rule but more a suggestion: If you have AP to spare, try to say something, maybe hand out baked goods, to people you revive, heal, or kill, even the zombies. Not many people talk to the zombies, but the zombies are people too.


  • March 12, 2014 - Cookie Brigade has been founded.
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