Couch Boulevard School

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Couch Boulevard School
VSB+2, dark.
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Couch Boulevard School

Pescodside [98,18]

Sellick Lane the Rowson Building the Adkins Motel
Boone Place Couch Boulevard School Caple Library
a carpark wasteland Winsor Boulevard

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally

Couch Boulevard School.jpg


Couch Boulevard School is a college school situated in the suburb of Pescodside near the eastern outskirts of Malton. Not much is known about the school's history before the "Malton Incident", but one fact is known. Apparently the Economic Club at the college owned the Biggs Arms, a small bar just north of the school. The original purpose of the bar was to help students learn management skills that they could apply later on in life, but in the years that followed many students ended up earning the school a bad reputation because of their antics at the bar. From what little else is known the matter was supposedly not resolved before the evacuation.

On one of the 2nd floor class rooms survivors have discovered a series of equations have been written across several chalkboards. While to most this appears to be nothing more than "lots of numbers and symbols" to a trained eye the numbers are recognized as advanced theoretical physics. No one knows who wrote the equations or what purpose they serve. Rumors circulated that noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, may have had a hand in them, but no one can confirm that the respected scientist has ever traveled this far south of his usual home in Dulston.

Barricade Policy

This building should be Very Strongly (VS+2) barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon Pescodside Barricade Plan set forth by local survivor groups and the Dulston Alliance, who routinely work together to monitor that the barricades for this building are at the aforementioned level. This building is meant to serve as a shelter for Malton's inexperienced survivors and entry point into other nearby fortified buildings.

Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any member of the Dulston Alliance or vigilante-minded survivor if caught in the act. If this happens the accused survivor is required to present a valid reason for their actions or be labeled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly. So always be cautious lest you find yourself summarily executed for crimes against humanity.

Survivors are reminded that should any member of the Dulston Alliance who finds the barricades raised higher that Very Strongly without any apparent danger to the building or area they have the authority to lower the barricades back down to Very Strongly in order to restore access to the building from the outside.

Current Events

Nothing to report

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