Craig Park

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Craig Park

Jensentown [15, 2]

Haw Library wasteland Pople Avenue Railway Station
Dawney Grove Railway Station Craig Park the Deanesly Museum
Trafford Way Gulliver Alley a factory

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



Craig Park is one of three parks in Jensentown, located in a great location for commuters & people who like to visit art museums. This park is gloomy during all four seasons of the year.
If you see a zombie, please do not run. Sit down on a park bench and hold out a piece of stale candy in your hand. This act of kindness helps zombies embrace human visitors.

Zombie-bite.gif Be Polite
Don't Bite | Don't Fight

Barricade Policy

Parks cannot be barricaded.

Current Status


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