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The Craske Triangle is an enclave centered around the The Craske Museum in eastern Heytown. The name derives from the close cooperation between Cornelius General Hospital, the the Usher Building, and Goldney Place Police Department, and is used to describe both the neighborhood around the museum and its permanent residents.

The Triangle is currently protected by the Mad Craskers, the Holy Order of the Pint, the Godson Regulars and many devoted, unaffiliated survivors. Both Dowdney Mall and Giddings Mall are nearby and frequented by Triangle residents. The Craskers maintain the 26.07 MHz radio frequency on the transmitters in the Triangle, but also listen closely to 26.06 (Dowdney Mall/Dribbling Beavers channel) and 26.70 (Giddings Mall) to coordinate defenses.

The Heytown suburb page and the Mad Craskers page both keep fairly up-to-date information on this region of Malton. The Mad Craskers Forum is active at all hours of the day and night (no matter your timezone).


The neighborhood, for as long as anyone has treated it as one, has been under almost constant attack by offshoots of forces laying siege to Giddings Mall and Fort Creedy; in fact it was after The Shining Ones' April, 2006 destruction of Fort Creedy that the Triangle's residents first began organizing to deal with the unique problems posed by the neighborhood's layout and strategic importance.

Throughout April and May (2006), the Triangle thwarted repeated attacks, until late May when for the first time both the Usher Building and Cornelius General fell at the same time. With only the PD, Nuttycombe, and the safehouses to repel the attack and repair the damage, the neighborhood was effectively overrun for nearly a week before survivors began again to assert control and enjoy a significant degree of safety.


No longer strictly a triangle, the enclave has grown encompass several nearby landmarks.


Local barricade policy has been a subject of controversy owing to the fact that Cornelius General Hospital falls within the jurisdiction of Spracklingbank, which has adopted the Uniform Barricading Policy. A silent compromise seems now to have been reached, with the hospital treated as a special case and Free Running access points maintained elsewhere in the complex. The end result more closely resembles Giddings Mall's policies than it does the UBP.

For the sake of brevity, this section will leave all such matters to the appropriate talk pages. The following are the most likely barricade levels travelers will find in the neighborhood, as mostly agreed upon and usually maintained by the permanent residents of each building.

  • Club Swabey [78, 35] is kept at VS for newbie survival and Free Running entry. Count on entering through this building.
  • Nuttycombe [79,35] is always barricaded to EH.
  • Goldney Police Department [79,38] is usually kept at VS+2 except when under attack.
  • Cornelius General [80,36] is often at VS+2, but moves quickly to EH when attacked. Do not rely on it for an entry point.
  • The Usher NT Building [78,36] is always barricaded to EH.
  • Every other adjacent building is an actual or decoy safehouse and will likely be barricaded to EH.


The recently deceased in need of revivification should stand at Mester Square [77,35].
One warning: If you wish to be eligible, ever, for revives in this neighborhood, do not kill zombies standing at Mester Square. That you were also a zombie at the time is not a valid excuse. You will wind up on the Do Not Revive (DNR) list and your revive requests will be ignored. The only exception to this rule is for zeds with Brain Rot. They have no business standing at RPs, as they need to be inside a powered NT building to be revived. A rotter at a citizens' RP is only there to impede progress on revives. Rotters may be shot down with impunity as a public service.


  • Please add new news entries, field reports, etc. at the bottom of this section. Sign and date your report by adding --~~~~ at the bottom like so. (Remove the nowiki tags you'll notice while editing the page.) And don't worry about screwing things up, that's what wikis are for!
  • The issue of barricades at the hospital has come up again. Reading this, it will be pretty clear what my opinions are on the matter. What you need to do is decide whether you want the DEM and their thugs in the MFD running the local hospital. There are fair arguments for the UBP and the Distributed Defense doctrine; I happen to think they are laughably simplistic and a recipe for countless wasted AP and lethal chaos in the resource supply. They are also no fun.
  • The decision, as I see it, is to repopulate the hospital and PD with people now residing in useless safehouses, where it literally takes infinitely more AP to check resource building barricades and equipment. If we do not retake the hospital in short order, the MFD will assume control. History shows that under these conditions the hospital barricades will - despite assurances to the contrary - be enforced at VS regardless of siege status, players lacking Free Running are scattered to several locations & left to fend for themselves, and the hospital will be in an even more constant state of flux depending upon how bored the MFD are with the place and the amount of drama it provides them.
  • If we retake the hospital quickly, we can apply as a block for membership in the Alliance of Giddings and be afforded some protection. If this does not happen it is my belief that the hospital will be split off from the greater Triangle and we will have no say in how the place is run.

--einexile 02:51, 13 June 2006 (BST)