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Zombies - have you ever felt unappreciated? That the harmanz don't understand what it's like for you? That they don't realise how lucky they are - to be able to saunter outside into the streets, find you, then fill you with bullets before ducking back into shelter? Ever thought "if only they had to spend a few days hammering fruitlessly against barricades."

PKers - were you perhaps driven to take up your art by the sheer stupidity of your fellow survivors. Did daily exposure to l33t-dribbling trenchcoaters erode your very humanity?

Now is the time for action.

The Plan

Recent changes to the game have created an opportunity to educate the more ignorant survivors en masse. With forts now becoming defensible, herds of Special Black Op Ninja Shadow Marine Sniper Corps types are packing into the forts, clearing them of "Zack", then checking hourly to see if the fort is still "safe for humanity." I have looked upon it with my own eyes and lo, it was a sight terrible to behold. No doubt as soon as they learn that it's possible to search places other than Mall Gun Stores, they'll find and install radios and start regular update spam.

As I gazed over a sea of trenchcoats, the baleful red of the setting sun glinting off a thousand Uzis, RPG launchers and katanas, a plan began to form in my mind.

A fort can only be accessed via the gatehouse. Should the gatehouse be barricaded above VSB, no-one could enter or leave. The game changes have drawn these trenchcoaters into a place which could conceivably become their prison. This could be acheived in two stages:

Stage One: Zombify the Trenchcoaters

To effectively trap the trenchers, they would all have to be zombified within a short time. Otherwise, it would be possible for live trenchies to dump the bodies of their fallen comrades outside the gatehouse, allowing them to escape. Admittedly, the idea of a trenchcoater dumping a body may seem far-fetched, but it's still possible.

Stage Two: Overbarricade the Gatehouse

Simple - get the gatehouse to EHB and keep it there. This stops anyone leaving the fort, and also any reinforcements arriving from outside.

The Proposal

To make this work, a large, organised effort would be required. In addition, it would be easiest to achieve if both humans and zombies were to co-operate. Below is a detailed breakdown of how I'd go about this. I fully admit that I don't have much experience with either metagaming or laying seige. I wouldn't expect to be one of the leaders of this assault, though I'd turn up and help. Please put any suggestions on the talk page.

For the purpose of the description below, I'm going to use specific terms to refer to various groups.

The Horde refers to the original mob of zombies which would storm the fort and massacre the trenchcoaters. I see this as being composed of several large, experienced zombie groups, as well as a number of local ferals.

The Wardens are the human participants who work with the zombies to take the fort, then build and hold the barricades. These would likely be drawn from the ranks of organised PKers, but anyone with the right attitude would be welcomed.

The Prisoners are the trenchcoaters who, once zombified, will be prevented by the Wardens from leaving the fort.

Taking the Fort

The Horde will lay seige to Fort Creedy, destroying the barricades and eating the defenders. The Wardens will assist in this attack, primarily by taking down barricades from the inside, smashing generators and radios, and spreading misinformation.

The Lock-In

Once all non-Warden survivors have been killed, the Horde will withdraw without ransacking the area. Some members of the Horde may wish to stay in order to participate in the next phase. The rest will set up camp in the squares immediately outside the fort. These buildings should be ruined and any humans found devoured. The horde should hold this position, to prevent reinforcements arriving to liberate the Prisoners.

The Wardens will barricade all buildings inside the fort to EHB, with the exception of the armoury. The gatehouse is the first priority. A group of volunteers will be needed to stay in the gatehouse and maintain the barricades. This is really the most boring and thankless task in the whole operation, but also the most vital. As long as the gatehouse is barricaded, the now-zombified prisoners cannot escape.


Now the fun can begin. A lot of the Prisoners will be straight survivor types, with no zombie skills other than possibly Ankle Grab and Lurching Gait. To escape, they'd need to break down the gatehouse barricades - something which they should find difficult and frustrating.

To add to their misery, the majority of the Wardens will still be inside the fort, sleeping in the barricaded buildings, and shooting as many prisoners as possible. I envision that most of the Wardens will be mid-to-high-level PKers, and in possession of the Headshot skill. For the majority of the Prisoners, receiving a headshot on a regular basis will be an unwelcome new experience.

Those members of the Horde who stay within the fort will assist the Wardens in attacking the Prisoners, but will also serve another educational role. A mock Revive Point will be established on the Parade Ground. Here, the remaining Horde members will alternate between Mrh?ing continuously and ZKing the Prisoners. Wardens with NT Employment will turn up frequently at the Revive Point, extract DNA from the Prisoners, then shoot them mercilessly.

It is hoped that by being forced to spend time experiencing the hardships of zombiedom: barricade-bashing, headshots, Mrh? Cows and Revive Point XP Farmers, the Prisoners may be persuaded to change their trenchcoating ways. If not, it is hoped that the Horde and the Wardens will have a good laugh trying.


I'd like to see the Education phase continue until all Prisoners have been rehabilitated. However, that will probably never happen. Realistically, I believe that the incarceration should last at least one week.


So - what do you think? Is it something you or your group would support? Let me know on the talk page.

Best regards,

Bob Fortune 14:48, 16 August 2007 (BST)

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The plan is ambitious, admittedly. It will need a big zombie horde to carry out. However, until then it's still possible to have some fun with the Creedyites. They aren't going anywhere, after all. Let me know on the Talk page if you'd be up for any of the following:

Creedy 'Cading Club

Very simple. Spend a couple of days in the gatehouse, overbarricading and spamming the radio.

Creedy Kill Contest

A bunch of like-minded mirth-makers head for the armoury, then kill some people whilst broadcasting the deaths on the radio. Possibly prizes for funniest kill, most killed, fancy dress etc.

Best regards,

Bob Fortune 22:49, 4 September 2007 (BST)