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Group Numbers:
No leaders, all decisions made by consensus.
Aiding the living residents of Malton, freeing the city from the oppressive presence of the undead in hopes of one day holding claim to a city with no oppression of any kind. Keeping us all alive, literally and figuratively!
Recruitment Policy:
To join or ally yourself with our band of rebels and dreamers, just drop a line.
Contact & Radio:
Right here. If you're looking for a friendly voice on the radio, our frequency is...not active yet!
Thoughtcrime (News & Action)
See here to update/edit and for usage.
  • 05:48, 26 December 2008 (UTC): This CrimethInc. cell has taken a liking to Wykewood and made itself at home. There goes the neighborhood.
  • 07:37, 22 December 2008 (UTC): CRIME has formed, now active in southwest Malton or wherever hearts beat. Join the revolution!
Archival of old news goes here.
The CrimethInc. Resurrectionist Insurrectionist Malcontents Enclave (a mouthful of words best said simply as CRIME) is an upstart group of individuals aiming to organize with fellow survivors in Malton to destroy all hostile zombies in the city, aid and support other survivors, and to prevent any governing institutions from seizing control of the city. We encourage and welcome all forms of support and offer our aid in any projects, alliances, strategic planning, or assorted requests you care to send our way, though participation is up to our individual members. Also, if you have a suggestion/question/critique/compliment, come out and say it!

Before the Outbreak, humankind was already faced with an endless battle for our lives. Life itself, in all its inherently infinite possibility, had been taken hostage, tortured, disfigured, and ransomed back to us, piece by piece, by smiling men in suits, promising brief glimpses of excitement and pleasure so long as we served them for all time. What else could we possibly do? They claimed ownership of food, water, clothing, shelter, and even the Earth itself, leaving nothing without a bar-coded price tag. Not to mention everything else they created that we, according to them, needed: food processors, iPods, luxury trips to Hawaii, expensive houses and expensive cars and expensive clothes and expensive everything.... Hell, without all that, we'd practically be cavemen! Right?
Of course, it wasn't really a society run entirely on money; nobody would willingly take part in that! Thankfully, we had democratic governments to keep us safe. Every few years, we came together as a nation to decide, from the few people who'd spent enough money on their advertisements and "public relations" put in enough effort to completely and honestly inform the public of their intentions, who would be making all of our decisions for us until the next time we do it all over again, each time swearing to ourselves that this time we'll pick a winner, someone who can make decisions on behalf of millions of individuals and adequately and completely represent every single one of them. If it turned out that your new leader didn't share your every opinion and, perhaps, even outlawed something you held as precious as your own heart, should have voted for someone else! Too late now; the laws have been passed and the police don't care whether you like them or not.
For some reason this never struck anyone as being in the least bit flawed.
Now, here in Malton, we have a chance to start over. The city is free and uncontrolled. Although there remains theft and violence in the shattered streets, we have not fallen into the supposed murderous chaos that purportedly awaits any mass of people not bullied into order by means of brute force and intimidation. We have been driven together by the more frightening, obvious struggle that awaits us, the fight not just for life, but for survival.
The fight against the undead.
Although it may happen that some have, for whatever reason, given up their humanity by their own choice, the walking dead as a whole have ceaselessly attempted to destroy humankind, slaughtering thousands of people and keeping in ruins the city we might one day turn into a utopia. Their unending campaign of terror and destruction and murder, not to mention their indoctrination of innocents by means of death and plague, rivals the most brutal of fascist regimes in history. Before our city can start anew as a place of freedom, equality, and community, the undead hordes must be stopped.
To that end, we will truly fight for our lives.

What We Are(n't) & How to Join

We’re not a rank-and-file army of rebels, nor are we some revolutionary “vanguard” trying to convince everyone we know what’s best for them. We don’t abide by authority, nor do we senselessly cause chaos and disorder. We won’t rebuild the dull, dead city Malton once was, nor will we leave it in ruin. We’re starting a new society here, one where people can wake up every day to infinite possibilities, where instead of slaving away at a job you hate you can work to support people you love, where nobody’s freedom is overseen or overruled by another.
After all, what happens when the government comes back once the zeds are gone? We all go back to our shitty jobs, toiling every day to pay for the bare necessities of life, maybe have a day or two off in a couple of weeks to just sit and watch TV and-
Really, if you call that life, you might as well join the zombies.
For those who want more than the shallow, boring existence we once had, who want freedom from the fear of death on all sides: fight for it! To join us, there’s nothing else you need to do but declare yourself against the old order and for a new world of freedom, equality, and true happiness. We’ll be at your side if you call for us.
(A note to any zombies inexplicably reading this: being as we're proponents of equality, we don't mean to discriminate based on your lifelessness, and in fact welcome any undead who wish to aid survivors or return to life. But please pardon us if, in our haste, we assume you to be one of your murderous brethren.)

Points of Unity
Although it would be ironic to kick someone out of an anarchist group, these are beliefs fairly inherent to the idea of CrimethInc. and disrespecting them is grounds for members to refuse to associate/organize with you.
  • NO killing other survivors unless they're attacking you, endangering the lives of others, or, with 100% certainty, known to be zombie spies or death cultists.
  • NO ordering people around or using coercion/intimidation to get them to do what you want. This is an anarchist group; we don't take shit, we don't give shit.
  • ABIDE by Fair Tactics. No fun in being a cheater.
  • SUPPORT humanity in whatever way you can. Heal the injured, shelter the weak, keep the Wiki updated and information flowing, and, hell, keep things funny and interesting.

Some Beliefs
EOE.jpg Equal Opportunity Supporter
Come as you are.
Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Group
This group has ratified the Coalition for Fair Tactics group pledge.
Anarkid.jpg Anarchy!
This User or Group supports the ideal of absolute equality and freedom: anarchy! They will stop at nothing to ensure that the deadening, repressive institutions of government and capitalism are kept out of Malton.

Politicians and stockbrokers: BEWARE!

Mutual Aid
Aid the community and the community aids you.
This User or Group advocates mutual aid by means of being helpful, creative, and cooperative in-game, on the Wiki, and everywhere else in Urban Dead; in other words, not being a horrible, useless bastard.
Handshake.jpg Everybody's Human
This User or Group believes that survivors should always stand together, because everybody's human! Except, well, them.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.
...CrimethInc. fights lifelessness in reality, too.
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