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Critical Mass is the required number of survivors or zombies required to have, at any time, a player logged on and often performing a specific action, such as barricading or tearing down barricades. Critical Mass is also used to refer to the point at which enough zombies have entered a building prevent barricading.

Because of the game mechanics, which allow for a relatively slow paced game, this is only achieved with enormous numbers. Critical mass can also be achieved (theoretically) by a highly organized group with less numbers than by sheer mass of numbers.

When critical mass is reached by zombies inside a building they win very quickly, if they have not already done so. For survivors, it is less marked, but if they reach and maintain Critical Mass, survivors have a much better chance of victory, especially if zombies have not reached their Critical Mass outside the building. This means that Critical Mass plays an important role in winning a siege. Critical Masses frequently change because of the chaotic events of a siege, such as zombies being revived into survivors, survivors being killed and becoming zombies, extra reinforcements arriving, etc.


Critical Mass was first seen at the First Siege of Caiger Mall, and is referenced as the primary reason for survivor victory. It has also appeared at many other Mall Sieges.


Critical Mass is a vital part of Dam Tactics.

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