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Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

The Cult of the Red Star
Abbreviation: ØxØ
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: The Prophets
Goals: Undisclosed
Recruitment Policy: Invitation Only
Contact: Try the talk page


An equal opportunity organization, striving to spread enlightenment through the vision of the Star. Combining the most advanced western science and ancient eastern techniques with an entirely new vision of reality, the Cult of the Red Star has discovered the answers to life's most difficult questions... and they're simpler than we ever expected!

What does the cult want?

We want to spread our message of hope to all corners of Malton, and eventually the world, by sharing words of wisdom with those willing to listen, and using gentle persuasion on others. We live in a world of vicious illusions, and it is difficult to escape: but not impossible. Help is here.

"Free their brains, and their minds must follow."

Why join a Cult now?

Why not? It's a wonderful way to express yourself in a free, non-judgmental environment, and receive gentle guidance from wise visionaries, interested only in your personal well-being. In the cult, you can learn all the skills you need to live (and un-live) your life (and un-life) in a truly fulfilling way. We will love you, not like your parents. They don't love you, they only want to control you, just like the conformist society they are a part of. And it's free! (note: while no fees or dues are required for membership, all of your worldly possessions become property of the cult- of which you will be a member, and therefore co-owner!)

I know what you're thinking- can I really afford to transfer all of my worldly possessions to some crazy death cult? The truth is, these days you can't afford NOT to transfer all of your worldly possessions to some crazy death cult! Besides, wealth is only another way your parents' generation tries to control you. We would never do that to you.

Alright, I'm sold! What do I do?

At present, recruitment activities have been suspended. However, if you are interested in membership, contact the cult and we may be able to work something out.

Policies and Disclaimers

The cult does not support zerging, or metagame spying. We also do not actively spy for zombies, but do not prohibit survivor members from sharing information with zombified members or allied zombie groups, and place no unreasonable restraints on the behavior of zombified members. We do not support the random PKing of innocent survivors, but feel that the terms "random" and "innocent" remain open to interpretation.

The Cult of The Red Star is not a communist organization, and has no association, positive or otherwise, with any communist organization in Malton.

Policy Templates

Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user supports the
Honor Among Thieves Policy.
Dicerolling copy.jpg Random Revivification
This user or group supports random revivification, and just might be hoping for one right now.
Fascistunclesam.jpg Give Fascism a Chance
This user or group, while not necessarily fascist, is at least open minded about the issue.
Softcore.jpg SOFTCORE
This user or group will dry hump on camera, but only if it's, like, really tasteful dry humping.

Diplomatic Ties


  1. The Flat Earth Society
  2. The Rouge Heart Aces


  1. The Flat Earth Society
  2. Red Rum


  1. The Flat Earth Society
  2. Strata


  1. The Flat Earth Society

The Saved

A short list of those that the Cult has recently helped along the road to enlightenment. This is an incomplete list: if a member of the Cult has helped you, and you can't find your name on the list, please let us know and we'll fix the error.

  1. 7th Sky- for arrogance, to bring him closer to unity with his fellow man.
  2. Albert II- for madness, to bring him closer to True Reality and free him from the shackles of the Azure Dream.
  3. Alice in zombieland- for fearfulness, to stir her passions and strengthen her spirit.
  4. BlackReaper- for erroneous moral certainty, to demonstrate the unreality of good and evil.
  5. Bob the Dobbs- he was just too manly for this world. To bring him closer to the feminine aspect of the star, and of himself.
  6. ChanelIBM- for indiscriminate murder.
  7. CholoDeMora- for madness, to shine the light of the star on his twisted spirit.
  8. CrackBerry Sufferer- for a lack of individuality, that he may know himself.
  9. Crazystalker- for madness, and to dispel the illusion of the Diety.
  10. Dahlia Black- for fatigue, to provide her spirit with well deserved rest, and bring vitality to her spirit.
  11. DNAguy- referred to the FEZ.
  12. Docter Morbid- as a potential recruit, apparently...
  13. DoctorMD- for shock, to reconcile his spirit with a changing world.
  14. dkryelsz1- for trauma, to bring him closer to the true world in the light of the star.
  15. Darculianar- for Carpathia, and the honor of my sister.
  16. Dusked- for desiring the stupor of the Azure dream, to bring him closer to escape.
  17. E B Farnum- for selfishness, to unify him with the needs of his fellow beings.
  18. Elisabeth Wickson- for drama, and agitation of the spirit, to calm her and bring her closer to the light of the star.
  19. Erb Mckelfresh- for a lack of individuality, to bring him closer to knowing himself.
  20. evilfujidust- for madness, an overly strong attachment to the death-state, and violence against the prophets.
  21. Flame Darkfire- for delusions, to bring him closer to True Reality in the lucid light of the Star.
  22. FreedJack- for the selfish taking of lives, motivated by an illusion of freedom in bondage within the Azure Dream.
  23. Haloeye Blackheart- for standing at the gateway, but fearing to enter.
  24. Guy Innagorillasuit- for erroneous judgment of the sacred act of Gentle Persuasion.
  25. Irritable Tom- for madness and terror, to bring the peace of the star to his heart.
  26. jonnyrook- saved in a larger act of mercy.
  27. Landain- for being so deeply lost in the Azure Dream that his thousand yard stare failed to show him what was right in front of him. To illuminate his path with the light of the star.
  28. Leroy Washington- for the haunting beauty of his music. To bring him closer to the sounds of his soul.
  29. McSkullcracken- for threats, surliness, and an overly strong attachment to the life state. Shows progress in escaping the Azure Dream by having escaped nudity taboos.
  30. Meryl Streep- for crimes against film.
  31. MiffedLapsang- for confusion, anger, and an overly strong attachment to the substances of the Azure Dream. To bring him closer to clarity through the light of the star.
  32. MVCReliant- we know there was a reason, we just can't remember what.
  33. Naoki Hyun- for attacking our dear allies, the FEZ. Notably, he shows progress in escaping the Azure Dream, by attacking our hated enemies, the FEZ.
  34. Neuro Seeker- for delusions, to bring him closer to True Reality in the lucid light of the Star.
  35. NoDesignation- for fear and misunderstanding, advancing towards hatred, to bring her closer to her fellow beings in the light of the star.
  36. Officer Muerte- saved in a larger act of mercy.
  37. Oldoxide- for fearfulness, and a misunderstanding of the infinite brought on by entrapment in the Azure Dream.
  38. pgunn- saved in a larger act of mercy.
  39. Rathpig- because the Misfits suck.
  40. Riverside- for sadness, to bring her closer to the joy of the star
  41. Ryan626- for fearfulness, to harden his spirit against the troubles of teh Azure Dream, and strengthen him with the light of the star.
  42. RalphWonderLlama- an excellent student. To show him the light of the star.
  43. Rizzen Knight- to bring him closer to himself, in the light of the star.
  44. shaun vagg- too Xtreme for this world. Sent him to the next.
  45. SonixChao- to bring him away from violence in ignorance, towards enlightened violence in the Light of the Star.
  46. TerranFireBat- for violence against the prophets, to teach him the futility of revenge and anger.
  47. The Bad Bunny- for insanity.
  48. thehealer556- saved in a larger act of mercy.
  49. Unknown Soldier 133- saved in a larger act of mercy.
  50. ShyGuy13- for a lack of identity, to bring him closer to himself.
  51. Tiu kau nia seng- for foolishness and immodesty, to dispel the physical illusions of the Azure Dream.
  52. verbalassault- for madness, to calm him and soothe his nerves with the gentle light of the Star.
  53. Violentbliss- for madness.
  54. ZHunter007- was engaged in a conspiracy to replace bottled water with tap water.
  55. Catus Schroedingeris- a student in desperate need of proper education. Ushered towards enlightenment.
  56. scotsoldiers- he's just fine.
  57. David Elliott- found hockey.
  58. Jak Bower- I really hate it when people interrupt me.
  59. Mr Innsmouth- Big ball of guilt.
  60. The sky is broken- was covered in leeches. Tried to help. Was not successful.
  61. AlexRuchencov- it was spiders this time. Again, unable to save the victim.
  62. brainiac3397- first aid is difficult.
  63. RIceness- floating head. Popped it.
  64. brer88- building was not powered, or lit. Clear dereliction of duty.
  65. ljg21- accomplice to a dereliction of duty.
  66. Rocky Ford- horse theft.
  67. Striborg- may or may not have been totally asking for it.
  68. impetigo Jones- had a party. Needed ribs.
  69. COMMCLARK4- Mistook me for a PKer. Required education.
  70. Aya Tanaka- She was worshiping false idols.
  71. Archan blackscorpion- False sense of security.
  72. Avulser- Thick headed, closed minded. Opened brain-case. Mind is now liberated, all over the place.
  73. Darktaint777- Had to cleanse that taint. Nobody likes a dark taint.
  74. Jack 13- A preface mended.
  75. raisin56 -Dried fruits are an abomonation.
  76. Chad Zissou- It was really only a metaphor.
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