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This is a queue for current community projects that need to be worked on. There is no need to post something here before getting started, this area is just to help get the community involved and ask for help. If you would like to work on a project just post within the subheading what you are doing or would like to do, and add yourself to the members list. If you would like to create a new project put it at the bottom of the page using the following format.

==Title of Project==
'''Project''': What you are proposing, and why you think the wiki needs this.
'''Current Members''': Put your name here if you want to work on this project.

*Further discussion with bullet points.

Anybody can feel free to add or debate under the subheadings, but please don't delete anything. Once there is a general consensus that a project is finished or should be abandoned it should be put in the Projects Archive. Before you put something down, please note what this page is and is not.

This page is for:

  • Cleanups
  • Redesigns
  • New Pages You Need Assistance With

This page is not for:

The Great Mall Project

Project: 1. To ellaborate and mantain a visual identity for all Malls in Malton. 2. To help those who use the facilities of the Malls. 3. To help all players know more about the history and importance of the Malls in Malton. 4. ??? 5. Profit!


  • hagnat - project leader, and visual designer
  • Sonny Corleone - idea creator, hagnat's best friend
  • #mall_tour @ - several people there helped with ideas for logos

Zombie Renaissance

Project: A recorded history of zombies during their many high points. Military, Leadership, Intelligence, and Culture of zombies are preserved. Users may add to the page to help with the Second Zombie Renaissance which was started by Shacknews.

Members: Sonny Corleone

Families of Malton

Project: To establish consistant "Histories" (for RP purposes) of the Families of Malton relying heavily on building names, Wiki contributions of others on Locations List tabs, and Miscelanious writings including the Outbreak Lexicon.

Members: Conndraka, Sonny Corleone, ThunderJoe, Nicks, Agent Heroic, Jedaz

Revivification Point/Redesign

Project: The Revive Point page is all well and good but it seems to go un updated for long periods of time and sometimes they do not match the actual status of the revive point. This would redesign the page a redefine the rules relating to inactivity and when a revive point is added/deleted. A new page as been created for discussion.

Members: Pillsy, Marie,

UDWiki:Suburb Style Guide

Each suburb has it own flavor but if a lot of the information is presented in a similar way players new and old will be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and understand how easy it might be to contribute information themselves. Please help the wiki be discussing the good the bad and the ugly regarding suburb pages with us on UDWiki talk:Suburb Style Guide and by contributing to the suburb guide you can help shape the wiki of tomorrow.

Members: Max Grivas, Pillsy, Marie, Daniel Hicken (Minor)

Search Odds

Project: To compile data of searches under the new "powered building" and "ransacked building" variable sets.

Members: Karlsbad Andrew McM W!

Locations Pages

Project: To bring all Locations Pages on the wiki (and any new Locations) to a uniform and presentable state, and to bring as many Location Pages as possible to a Main Page presentable format.

Members: Novelty, Xoid, Bob Hammero, Max Grivas, Krazy Monkey, Bango Skank, Marie, Atticus Rex, Paul Brunner, Dux Ducis, Boxy

Cleanup and Merge Suggestions Dos and Do Nots and Frequently Suggested Ideas Page

Project: These pages are now the only real source for would be suggestions authors on the Suggestions page as to what they should and should not propose. We need to clean, pare, and reposition them to the point where we can reasonably expect that they will be read by incoming members.

Update: The Suggestions Dos and Do Nots page has been rewritten; only Frequently Suggested remains. –Bob Hammero ModB'cratTA 04:45, 11 July 2006 (BST)

Members: Zaruthustra, Bob Hammero, Dark Phantom

NPOV Suburb Pages

Project: The suburb pages are usually filled with POV material. It is the aim of this project to make everything on the suburb pages into NPOV. Any POV material must be placed on the talk pages under a dated heading. The only restriction is that you cannot NPOV a suburb page that your group, allies, or enemies are involved in.

Current Members: Jedaz

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