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30th Dec 2006

General News

Player numbers are down to 33,506. This is a significant drop in player numbers compared to a few months ago when ther were around 41,000 players. Surviviors once again out number Zombies at a 3 to 2 ratio. It is interesting to note that the Mobile Network Coverage is at 50%, this seems to indicate that even though Zombies have lower numbers they are playing a better game then the majority of survivors.

Infection Lexicon

'STER has started up another lexicon. The lexicon series are probably going to be named after the .hack game series. The order being Outbreak, Infection, Mutation, and Quarantine. The Infection Lexicon currently has 13 players and new players are still able to sign up. However in typical style of lexicons the more players there are the harder it is to keep stories consistant. As the Infection Lexicon is going to extend from the Outbreak Lexicon it will be interesting to see what is produced once it is finished. If you wish to join in you must sign up before Monday the 15th of January 2007.

21 April 2006



A few of us small groups have organized, and will participate, in the 1st annual Zombie Cull Day (Z-Day for short) and would like, if possible, all human groups to join in. The aim is for every human player to attack (and with luck), kill, a zombie during the day.

We understand that this is an ambitious project and understands that not every person will be able to participate (or be contacted), so we are urging every major human gang in Malton to rally their troops, take to the streets and support the push (emails are being sent over the next few days to as many gangs as possible). Every Zombie killed will be a step closer to reclaiming the city and we hope this will be the first of many organized events. The math’s are simple, 19494 survivors to 18848 zombies, less than 1 kill per person will make a clean city!!

Z-Day is this Friday (21st); any help will be much appreciated

Good hunting .ps use any weapon you can get your hands on


The Hunters Club

20 April 2006

Petition Notice

A petition has been started to have Amazing removed from the Wiki. Please take the time to view it and add your signature. Said petition is also up for deletion.

03 April 2006

In Popular Culture, Zombies Are Back From the Dead!

Monday, April 3, 2006 by WARREN ST. JOHN

NY Times: Market for Zombies? It's Undead (Aaahhh!)

Once again, they're everywhere.

Roaming the streets in business suits, blood dripping from their chins. Ducking through the city's parks, dodging bullets fired by the invading army of Somali schoolgirls. Rampaging through an experimental women's prison. Clawing their way out of graves, on a murderous march to reunite with the Deathbringer.

And so forth.

Wer're talking of course about zombies. If you haven't been paying attention - zombies are back. In films, books and video games, the undead are once again on the march, elbowing past werewolves, vampires, swamp things and mummies to become the post-millenial ghoul of the moment. They were even the theme at a rave party in Seattle last month that turned into real-life horror after a guest shot and killed six partygoesrs. And while you may yet be unaware of the zombielike proliferation of zombie stuff, horror fans speak of the zombie craze as a fact of life.

"We're really seeing the day of the zombie," said Don D'Auria, the executive editor of Leisure Books, a publisher of horror titles. "Until three years ago they were really unseen. Then they just seemed to pop up everywhere. As a monster, it's speaking to people."

If you allow that zombies are back from the dead, it seems reasonable to ask: What's up with that?

This month, Thunder's Mouth Press will publish "Monster Island" by David Wellington, a zombie novel set in Manhattan. This summer Max Brooks, the author of the successful "Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead," will publish "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" (Crown). One of the best-selling titles in recent years at Leisrue Books has been "The Rising," Brian Keene's novel about smart zombies. Even Stpehen King has gone zombie: his latest novel, "Cell," is about a throng of Bostonians who are turned into zombies when a mysterious pulse emanates from their cellphones and scrambles their brains.

Zombies have been marching through theaters as well. A remake of the legendary zombie film director George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" was well received in 2004. After a 20-year-hiatus from making zombie classics like "Day of the Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead," Mr. Romero himself releasid his fourth, "Land of the Dead," last year, ahead of smaller zombie flicks like "Zombie Honeymoon" and "Shadow: Dead Riot."

And then there are zombie games: video, online and board games galore, like Urban Dead and, of course, Zombies 1,2,3,3.5 and so on.

In zombie circles - and yes, there is such a thing as zombie circles, just check out for an introduction - there's a debate these days about the newfound popularity of the ghoul.

Most zombie sealots seem to agree that the zombie renaissance has something to do with the anxieties of life after September 11.

"People who have apocalypse on the brain right now," Mr. Brooks said. "It's from terrorism, the war, natural disasters like Katrina." Several zombie aficionados said there was a zombielike quality to the spread of the bird flu.

"They go hand in hand with apocalyptic scenarios," Mr. Brooks said. "You can't have one zombie. You've got to have millions of them. Society has to be breaking down. And zombies aren't in conventional horror settings. Zombies find you. The sun comes up, and they're still there. You call the cops, and they're still there. They create a chain reaction of societal collapse."

Bryan Smith, the author of "Deathbringer," agreed. "It speaks to the underlying fear that a lot of people have," he said, "that the whole world can suddenly go crazy."

Location Page Request

25 May 2006

Yet another day of spam with 3 spam worthy suggestions from this user James T Bond --Changchad WTFW!SGP 00:03, 25 May 2006 (BST)

16 May 2006

As you may or may not be aware, the football (soccer) World Cup is about to begin and we, the Malton World Cup Committee, plan to celebrate at Malton's spiritual home of football, Clapton Stadium. We are already in West Grayside preparing for the event -- clearing zombies, renovating the stadium etcetc -- and invite you to come along and join in. All help will be appreciated.
Malton World Cup Committee's aims and objectives --

  • Oversee the smooth and efficient running of this year’s World Cup celebrations.
  • Ensure the stadium is available at all times for supporters to participate in activities, chanting; kick arounds, pre-and post match analysis.
  • To keep Clapton Stadium zombie free, these people represent a random hooligan element wishing to disrupt the World Cup for their own selfish motives and will not be tolerated (this applies to PKERS as well).
  • The start and finish will be indicated by the firing of flares from all corners of the stadium.
  • Scores will be posted every day; we have an outside line to the world so communication will be uninterrupted.



06 May 2006

Yet another day of spam

Wow. All of todays suggestions but one have been spamminated! I hereby declare another day of Spiced Ham!!!!! Mattiator 03:40, 6 May 2006 (BST)

There apprantly have been no less than 9 suggestions either Spaminated or Dupified, why can't the suggestors think or read the guidelines before hand. With Mattiator's Spams, I kind of missed Mr.A's suggestion, at least they are somehow creative. --Changchad 00:50, 7 May 2006 (BST)
Shock! Horror! Blasphemer! Ok, I am overreacting. Especially since I've never read more than two of Mr. A's suggestions. –Xoid STFU! 13:34, 16 May 2006 (BST)

05 May 2006

Del Toro presses play on "Sundown" game

By Chris Marlowe Fri May 5, 5:13 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is helping to develop a video game in which players will have to survive an apocalypse that leaves a world infected with zombies and other potentially fatal horrors.

He has partnered on "Sundown" with Terminal Reality, home of the BloodRayne franchise, which originated the property and will develop the game for next-generation platforms.

Del Toro, who described himself as a lifelong avid gamer, said he did want merely to attach his name to the game.

"I believe in the next 10 years, narrative media is going to shift to a hybrid of video games and movies," he said. "This is a great opportunity for me to help be a bridge to what I believe is the future."

Players will start as a typical person on an average day. As everything goes terribly wrong, in order to survive they must learn to form alliances with various beings and to change their role as each new challenge calls for different abilities.

"We want to create a real beginning, middle and end to the game and to each set piece of the game too," said del Toro, who owns the television and movie rights. "I want to make some of the atmospheric elements in the game very, very scary."

Del Toro's directing credits include "Hellboy" and its upcoming sequel, as well as "Blade II," "Mimic" and "Cronos."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

  • Could make for an interesting legal battle... --ERNesbitt 17:33, 5 May 2006 (BST)
  • The zombie genre is so vague that it would be hard to prove copyright infringement of one groups idea's. Hell, if someone sued Del Toro for making a zombie apocalypse game/movie or vice versa, then Romero could sue them all! Also, see Dead Rising on X-Box 360, basically a game based on Dawn of The Dead. Looks frickin' wicked though. Don D Crummitt 10:43, 12 May 2006 (BST)

30 April 2006

Day of Spam

The day is declared the day of spam after experienced 5 out of 6 Suggestions getting spaminated.This is truly a day worthy of us remembering. By the way it was my call on this day of spam, although stupid suggestions are rather frowned upon. ;]--Changchad 01:14, 30 April 2006 (BST)

Today (6th of May) is also now a Spam day. There have been no less than 9 suggestions either Spaminated or Dupified - and another one by Mattiator has just been posted, so that figure is likely to rise. --Cyberbob240CDF - Arb - W! 03:45, 6 May 2006 (BST)