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This page is for historical purposes. Please do not edit it except to archive old Current Events


December 2007

30 December 2007
Creedy, one of the largest human strongholds and home to over 500 surviors at any given time, is under siege by the zombies.
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Tune your radios to 28.80 to hear Christmas music everyday, once a day. :D
23 December 2007
Survivors are massacred by PKers and eaten by zombies in the PKA's Silent Night Slaughter. Fort Creedy's population finally gets to use their katanas, Uzis, and AK47s on real zombies and not Mrh Cows.
15 December 2007
A big battle for the supremacy of north west corner is currently going on at the Ackland Mall...
15 December 2007
Fort Perryn is under the menace of The Second Big Bash

October 2007

31 October 2007
The Malton Zookeepers are proud to present the return of the best damn Halloween party in Malton. Visit us at the Malton City Zoo if you're in or around Ketchelbank! More details at
30 October 2007
The Second Big Bash is currently rampaging through Malton. Come and join in battle, whether it be with zombies, survivors, or killers.
30 October 2007
The PKA assembles at Hildebrand Mall to kill in the name of Samhain, the true spirt of Halloween. Final body count: 76. Excellent coverage provided by the BBC.
29 October 2007
On this day, after much fighting in Lockettside, the Zombies taking part in The Second Big Bash defeated the combined defence efforts of the Survivors and sacked Tompson Mall.
11 October 2007
After about a month long siege (External Military reports note about 80 zombies already sieging on 19th September) the NT building has eventually fallen to zombie hands. In last few weeks it had a horde of around a hundred and fifty outside just standing and same amount in dead bodies, while most of the surrounding suburb was powered and safe

September 2007

20 September 2007
Caiger Mall has begun the slow recovery process since its ransacking by a combination of zombie forces in August.
17 September 2007
Buckley Mall has been ruined by the LUE.
9 September 2007
Pole Mall has been ruined by the LUE.

August 2007

21 August 2007
Ackland Mall has been ruined by the LUE.
18 August 2007
It took more time than Creedy, but eventually survivors liberated the facility from zombie presence inside.
17 August 2007
Caiger Mall has been ruined by the LUE and a massive feral attack organized by the Mmm Braanz Tahr's Zangahn ahn zar Rahn zombie performance.
05 August 2007
Fort Creedy is planned to be liberated by the Medics of Malton

July 2007

08 July 2007
Across Malton the "Day of Beer" or "Beer Day", Biertag (as it is officially known), on July 8th is the one day of the year where all people put aside their differences and drink beer. The holiday celebrates Saint Arnold, the patron saint of hop-pickers and brewers. It is said that there are many depictions of Saint Arnold, but that he is commonly identified by the mashing rake which he holds in his hand.
03 July 2007
Exactly two years into the quarantine, helicopters have once again been seen above the city, airdropping supply crates into the streets. (OOC: Happy birthday, Urban Dead)
03 July 2007
Fort Creedy is still under attack.

January 2007

28 January 2007
Fort Creedy is under attack and its defenders need help. Please come to their aid at once.
15 January 2007
Rumours abound that the annual mall tour of zombies has kicked off recently at the Calvert Mall, with much of the mall destroyed in the process. Where the lumbering forces of the undead will strike next is anyone's guess but the living should monitor all reports as to declarations of war from the Living Impaired, as they just may well be coming to towards your rest point in force, looking for a nutritous snack. One such place for reports is here :Mall Tour'07.
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