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This page is for historical purposes. Please do not edit it except to archive old Current Events


December 2008

  • December 31st: Tollyton falls within a matter of hours.
  • December 30th: The MOB goes on a storming rage similar to the big bash, having felled Mockridge Heights and Brooksville within a matter of days. Next to fall is North Blythville, which falls in almost 24 hours.
  • December 6th: Z.E.M.A. requested that survivors with lab expirence do random revives until survivors outnumber the zombies.
  • December 4th: The last safe (green) suburb, Spicer Hills, went to Moderate (yellow) after large amounts of Zombies are starting to Assault the Eastern side.
  • December 4th: For the first time in Borehamwood's history, Zombies outnumber Survivors.

November 2008

October 2008


Fort creedy is ruined and in zombie hands

5OCT 1520 hours

Fort Perryn under extremely heavy siege.

2130 hours, Fort Perryn now declared Fort Feral. By 2300 hours, the transition shall be completed.

Caiger Mall is declared Under Siege in October.

September 2008

September 18, 2008
Survivors take back Fort Perryn, and fill it with 250+ humans.

August 2008

August 27, 2008
Zombies claim Fort Perryn. No survivors.
August 14, 2008
Southall Mansion fell to the zombies.

July 2008

July 9th, 2008
The Hawksley Building fell to the zombies.
July 9th, 2008
Archway Mall is gone. Monroeville is Mall free.

June 2008

June 28, 2008
Weaver Mall has approximately 20 zombies inside. Archway Mall seems to be last mall standing. On a side note all buildings Outside the City are ruined.
June 25, 2008
Miracle Mile Mall has at least one section ruined, and zombie numbers are increasing. This now leaves only Archway Mall and Weaver Mall left in survivor hands. Which Mall will be last one standing? Excitement!
June 22, 2008
Several Zombie Groups have taken down Spaulding Mall Leaving the entire region Mall free.

May 2008

Mitchem Mall has fallen to a horde of roughly 40-100 zombies, with an estimated amount of 150 survivors inside the mall at time of destruction.
The Invasion of Gibsonton is still underway, and reinforcements are en route for both sides.
May 20, 2008
With continued assistance from Garniss Border Patrol, The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, and The Fortress (by order of arrival), the area is once again a survivor haven.
May 20, 2008
Nichols Mall is under full human control. Last count had survivors at approximately 250, Zack with 63. All sectors are powered, and more survivors are coming in daily. A team of Escapists is also coming to defend the Kilts.
May 5th, 2008
Nichols Mall Has fallen to the RRF forces. Currently trying to take it back.
8 May 2008
Fort Perryn has fallen to several combined hordes including the Feral Undead and portions from the Dead to name a few.

April 2008

29 April 2008
Active zombie horde seems to have left Ridleybank entirely and has overtaken Brooksville and soon Wyke Hills. Buckley Mall is under some very heavy seige.
23 April 2008
Lockettside and Kinch Heights are infested. Dartside Seems to be holding out, Northern area is dangerous.
13th April 2008
Malton survivors are extremely outnumbered against the zombie horde. Ruddlebank is surrounded. Williamsville and Buttonville are surrounded. Penny Heights and Fryerbank are surrounded. Zombies control the north side of the city.

8th April 2008
Monroeville Mall is repowered and caded. Survivors now hold all malls in Monroeville.

March 2008

30th March 2008
Drummond Mall is now safe! In five days we have taken the mall back, and have currently barricaded and secured it.
25th March 2008
Drummond Mall is ruined. Thanks to the coordination of many zombie groups. Notice a pattern?
20th March 2008
Monroeville Mall is ruined. Thanks to the coordination of many zombie groups.
The Dead arrive in Malton, to much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Zombies Start Migrating south in search of weaker safehouses and take hundred of lives and most malls
6th March 2008
The Monroeville Many attack and breach Archway Mall, the first advertised mall incursion in Monroeville history.

February 2008

25 February 2008
To celebrate the launch of George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead, we've opened a temporary second map in the city of Monroeville. Create a new character there and you can loot a video camera to edit together your own video diary of the zombie apocalypse, with Romero box-set prizes available for UK players.
21 February 2008
The Feral Undead have taken Lumber Mall for the third time and are moving on.
14 February 2008
The Malton Zookeepers are celebrating the launch of their new podcast site with a special Valentine's Day podcast!
1 February 2008
Zombies have managed to crush The Morrish Building where many survivors fled after Giddings Mall was ruined only hours beforehand. The valiant survivors couldn't stave off the undead masses but put a lot of effort into what has been dubbed as The Battle of Giddings. The rest of the suburb has already began to fall into ruin as the Second Big Bash sprawl out.

January 2008

31 January 2008
Joachim Mall has fallen to the Feral Undead.
23 January 2008
The Blackmore Building is under siege, with a zombie horde numbering about eighty outside. Survivors seem to be pouring in from the surrounding area to help. Zombie numbers fluctuate regularly as bodies rise, and zombies are killed.
31 January 2008
Zombies have managed to overcome Giddings Mall. After a month long siege over 550 zombies affiliated with the Second Big Bash have ruined the mall and are moving on to The Morrish Building where many survivors fled. Currently the battle is raging but survivors still outnumber zombies by about 100.
3rd January 2008
Most of Pitneybank has fallen to the Second Big Bash. Creedy & the Farmer Building are ruined. Giddings, the Morrish Building and other buildings in the north still stand, but are being heavily sieged.
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