Cursed Horde

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Cursed Horde
Abbreviation: CH
Group Numbers: 14
Leadership: Lunarfox, Eternal Spring
Goals: Find Paradise
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: None at the moment

Cursed Horde is a new group. We are a survivor group but will kill survivors as well as zeds if they get in our way. also this page is still undergoing constant editing so it may show some redundent info, sorry.


  • Lunarfox

Second In Comand

  • Eternal Spring

Member Count

We currently have 14 members,recruiting will start soon.

Group Goal

The goal of this group is to find Paradise, bring safety to all our members, and destroy all those who oppose us.


We are not recruiting at the moment. We will begin as soon as we get a forum up or something of a similar nature.


Right now we are mainly located in Heytown, but our members are still a little spread out and we may go somewhere else soon.

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