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When Malton closed its borders, sealing in the residents and dooming them to a hopeless fight against hordes of zombies, Aleister Curton sealed himself inside his mansion. Initially, the mansion was a stronghold in the suburb of Chancelwood, providing safe haven to those individuals wealthy enough to pay Curton for sanctuary. However, within the first few weeks of the crisis, something very strange occurred.

The mansion, once brightly lit and secure, became dark one night, despite maintaining secure barricades against the zombie onslaught. Throughout those shadowy hours, sounds of unimaginable horror could be heard emanating from the mansion, and a strange green glow could be seen in the windows. By dawn, there was nothing left but an eerie silence amidst the shuffling and moans of the zombies outside.

The first batch of survivors to breach the defenses of the mansion were said to have discovered an empty building, with no signs of any survivors within or any indications of where or how they had gone. Survivors briefly used the mansion as a safe haven, but the defenses were breached and they were overrun by zombies.

Late July 2005

By this time, the mansion had already been breached. Looters sometimes braved the zombies within to find treasures, but few had the manpower to seal the mansion and explore it fully. One particular looter accidentally stumbled upon a discovery, and wrote about it in his journal. An excerpt of this journal was recovered, though the identity of the looter is unknown:

While exploring the center of the mansion, I came upon a parlor full of bookshelves. Most of the room had been ransacked, but I noticed one section of shelves higher up with books that had remained neatly shelved. I used a nearby desk to reach the area, and as I was searching I triggered some sort of mechanism. Behind me, in the floor, a trapdoor opened up with stairs leading down. I descended with only my small flashlight and a pistol, wary of potential zombies. What I discovered below puzzled me - it was a circular chamber seemingly carved out of the stone foundation, perhaps centuries old. Arranged in perfect balance around the circular walls of the chamber were sarcophagi – 13 to be specific. As I scanned this odd chamber, I could hear muffled groans emanating from the sarcophagi, and some scratching. In the center of the room was some sort of table, a black stone like basalt or onyx, with various occult paraphernalia upon it. The thing that caught my attention the most was the presence of a skull and a candle next to it, which had previously not been lit, but which now before my very eyes was illuminating the chamber. As I turned around, I heard a click from a sarcophagus, and then another from the one next to it, and so on around the room. As I stepped towards the stairs, the first sarcophagus began to open, and I saw the unmistakable sign of dead human flesh as a claw reached out, grasping at air. I ran upstairs, faster then I had ever run before, and as I was almost at the top, I saw a message scrawled in blood right at the rim of the trapdoor. It was a phrase in Latin that I was unfamiliar with, but nonetheless I will never forget it. The phrase was Articulo Mortis, which I have since discovered means "the point of death."

November 2005 - March 2006

Curton Mansion was the brief HQ of an exploration group known as the The RFM Expeditionary Team. They recently left and are now heading to another location for continued adventures. Among the people there were: Filthy Jenkins and Hammerhead Joe, (Co-Leaders of The RFM Expeditionary Team), Helena Powell (a survivor discovered inside Curton Mall, she decided to join, thus becoming the first female member in the RFM Exp. Team.) Other members who tagged along were: Jamie Clawhand, Lukas Smith, Squidgey, Jeff Ireland, Gimp Lord, Arkenore, Trophy Collector, and John Timid (disappeared early on).

Curton Mansion was also the temporary base of a lone survivor known as 'Snaku Pliskin'. He was zombified during his attempt at securing it, but was revived shortly thereafter. Occasionally he returns and attempts to secure it from whatever zombie force is currently holding it.

July 19 2007

The mansion has once again resumed its role as a revive clinic and has at least two survivors in each corner.

April 2006

The mansion is largely abandoned, with feral zombies and no survivors inside.

May 2006

The mansion is kept open to zombies and used as a revivification point for a nearby NecroTech facility.

June 2006

An alliance is formed between Articulo Mortis and the B-Town Boyz to keep Curton Mansion open to everyone, allowing human survivors and zombies complete access. B-Town agrees to continue using the inside of the mansion as their revive clinic, but will suspend their activities when asked by Articulo Mortis for a brief time when the latter group is using the mansion for their activities.

March 2007

The Mansion is still kept open and run as a revive point. Multiple attempts of criminals, spies and trouble makers to violate revivification efforts were foiled. Articulo Mortis and the B-Town Boyz are still the leading groups in providing a smooth functioning revive clinic. Recently, BOW joined the combined efforts in keeping the clinic running and making the area more safe. However, the cooperation and involvement of all survivors in the area seems to make the difference.

June 2007

More recently the mansion has been home to members of the Malton Euro 2008 Commission.


September 2007

Once the football maniacs pushed along, hordes of zombies fell into Chancelwood and overrun the suburb. Since then it was the job of the B-Town Boyz and a new strong group THEM as well as a lot of unbound survivors to keep things going. The Mansion still functions as a revive clinic. Recently, the only populated buildings in Chancelwood were the Haslock Building and the St Louis's Hospital.

February 2008

The Entropians are looking at the mansion for there next base of operations. Its connections to the occult will make it a perfect place to perform rituals.

August 2009

The Grey Swords have started to make a home in Curton Mansion, slowly repairing and recading back to a sensible level. Osric Stormwall

February 2010 The revive point is still kept up and running by THEM, though there's a handful of permanently resident zombies with Brain Rot that frustrate things somewhat.