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DaliVisageOfWar.jpg If dysfunction is a function

Then I must be some kind of...


With me it's a religion

Fifty thousand strong





DALI is a loosely-organised group of zombies run by experienced survivors. The DALI philosophy is simple... eat people... with style...


17/01/2008 -> 18/01/2008 - St. Odile's Hospital, Dunningwood

Quickly opened for feeding. Many tender, babah harmanz inside. Brainy num nums :) Quickly ruined too. The babah DALI zambahs are learning fast thanks to their DvEM teachers and the combination of hordes is proving fearsome. --RichardUptonPickman 13:18, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

16/01/2008 -> 17/01/2008 - St. Aidan's Hospital, Gibsonton

The tasty harmanz returned so quickly! Our babahs grow fat on their brainzz... --RichardUptonPickman 13:18, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

13/01/2008 -> 16/01/2008 - Skarin Row Police Department, Gibsonton

With the invaluable assistance of the mighty DvEM the Gibsonton HQ of the Cult of the Crocodile was debrained and ruined after a highly-entertaining 4 day struggle. Local ferals also played a significant part in this battle by following the many feeding groans and finishing off the harmanz entrees dragged into the street. An unwise combat revive by Leo Casper also allowed DALI to heal zombies standing inside the PD, lower barricades and redecorate the area with pro-zombie propaganda.

The babah zambahz of DALI found the fat, lazy harmanz of this area much to their liking. The victory buffet was long and satisfying given that there were 53 harmanz inside the PD when first cracked open. The Crocodile God was claimed jointly by Death is not the End and FlatMan Stan. --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

10/01/2008 -> 13/01/2008 - St. Aidan's Hospital, Gibsonton

This buffet was opened quickly and provided brainzzz for almost 4 days before it was finally ruined. Some of the members of DALI developed a taste for the special flavour of Crocodile Cultists. --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

09/01/2008 -> 10/01/2008 - Grimmer Square Fire Station, Dunningwood

An unwise combat revive by a trenchcoater called Spartan Healer allowed to a member of DALI selecting this location for feeding. And the feeding was good... --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

08/01/2008 -> 09/01/2008 - The Vetch Building, Dunningwood

This NT building was ruined surprisingly easily. Sadly there were only a few large scientist brainzzz for the babahs. --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

07/01/2008 -> 07/01/2008 - Swabey Grove Railway Station, Paynterton

A DALI zambah was DNA scanned by an MFU officer who moved only 2 squares away. The resultant Scent Trail led here and, when cracked open, 9 harmanz were found sleeping. Upon munching a significant number of these treats were found to be DEM personnel. DALI would like to request that more clueless DEM munchies be assigned to safehouses in Paynterton... BUUUURP!! --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

05/01/2008 -> 06/01/2008 - St. Isidore's Hospital, Paynterton

Many juicy doctor brainzz were dragged into the streets to feed the babahs of DALI. --RichardUptonPickman 13:01, 19 January 2008 (UTC)


Dawn dead.gif Salt The Land
DALI supports the Salt the Land policy.