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It's not an abbreviation for anything, but we have joked around at the idea of what it would mean. Dulston Crazy Dwarves Club being one.

Abbreviation: DC/DC
Group Numbers: Six
Leadership: This is Democracy, also currently all but one of the members is offline so I guess it's a Dictatorship.
Goals: Keep Dulston clear of Zeds and retake Treweeke Mall
Recruitment Policy: It depends on who you are and how long we've known you to be around the area.
Contact: Talk-Page


Originally founded sometime in early 2014, the DC/DC was just but one of many small groups operating in Dulston. All in a constant fight to take back Treweeke Mall. The occurring sieges have always tended to prevail in the face of Zed forces. But those victories were short-lived. The DC/DC is a ragtag militia which is stationed in the southern region of Dulston, working together with local survivors to fight back the apocalyptic onslaught. The DC/DC was made up of six total members, Sib 1, Spartanjoe, Silva Ware, BayouBilly, Patrickpirate and Cool Z. All were either Military, Firefighter or Scientist. Old evidence of the great Dulston Alliance often came up. We were never around during those times, when groups of up to fifty banded together to hold Dulston as a stronghold. Though we weren't there then, we still fight for the same cause, and still work with several veterans back from those days.


The DC/DC never had a particular block of interest during it's early years. We always conducted our activities within the area of Blaise General Hospital. Several locations were thought of to be a decent location for a base, such as a mansion or Troubridge Cinema. After multiple sieges being once again overthrown by the Zeds, the DC/DC took refuge in BayouBilly's Junkyard Resort, Junkyard 97,7. It was usually decorated with an ever-growing amount of statues and artwork gathered from local museums. After a lessening activity of DC/DC members, BayouBilly converted it into a First-aid station for any local players who required medical treatment. Since then, it has been that. It has served as a reliable depot for many months, and still continues to.

Area of Influence

A few blocks around the HQ. Up to Treweeke and back. We will occasionally go a bit farther, maybe up to 10 blocks away, sometimes even out of Dulston. We generally stay near the southern/middle part of Dulston, that's where most rebellion groups take refuge.

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