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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

What is a DEAD E.N.D. tactic

The DEAD E.N.D. tactic is a way to help secure a safe house, from the outside, by using recently dead survivors as misdirection.

Is this a new method

Not really, more like a revised version on a time honored method. I myself have done this many a time, and had brought it into a survivor group to fine tune things.

In a lot of zombie breeches, the survivors who have died, will rise and attack the zombies attacking the structure, in the hope that it will save them.

So how does this tactic differ

The only real difference is the survivors inside know that the fallen survivors are outside dwindling the HP of their attackers, and they will spend time regeneration their AP for when it is needed. There will be no need for trenchcoaters to run outside and take a few shots at the zeds, and hopefully will be able to get back inside alive, and unharmed.

This takes some communication from both sides, to realize those that are using the DEAD E.N.D. tactic do not wish to get revived right away, and are trying to help out the survivors.

How does DEAD E.N.D. work

With the ruin building status, it more important then ever to hold a safe houses, since, many if not all other buildings within the area may be destroyed beyond repair.

A group of undead survivors can, stand outside of the targeted safe house, attacking zombies, allowing the survivors inside to gain AP, to search for needles, or other needed gear. This will do several things for the survivors inside:

  • You can take down the invading zombies hit points to the point where they die, or have very little when they finally enter the building, which in turn saves the survivors AP
  • If within a survivor team you can communicate on how many zeds are swarming threw forums. Again this will save the survivors AP, for more important things
  • Allows the survivors to save ammo, FAKs, and needles (for those that combat revive) for more urgent moments
  • Can be employed with DIRT:NAP at revive points
  • Could allow time for others to join in, and help secure the safe house
  • Puts the zombies in danger of loosing HP, as well as their AP

This can be used in organised counter strikes against even the biggest horde.


  • Say if 2 people sign in at one time, and 2 more sign in a hour later, and so forth, this can pinpoint the attack times for the group attacking, and you can better defend against this by being logged on if possible.
  • Have a mass amount of survivors inside and a group of undead survivors outside with their names on each others contact list. You can work in tandum to prevent a large scale of zeds entering a building. by coordination between the inside safehouse and outside guards.
  • If 1 undead survivor gets a zed down to half HP, and he waists AP taking cades down, then it will cost the survivor less AP to drop that zed, after they cade the building again. By doing this, the zeds are basically waisting their AP to the point of it being useless to attack. Add to that the possiblility of the career zed attacking a undead survivor, inceases the AP loss on their end.

It is important to note that a undead needs only 1 AP to rise if killed by another zed, so get them low on HP and let a survivor headshot them so they waiste more standing.

Why should I do this

It is seen as a basic common helping hand in tight situations. No survivor likes to fight for survival only to waste all their AP and wind up brain food. All because they couldn't save that last AP to put up a board over a doorway, have that last shot drop the undead, or drop that body outside. look at this as having a bodyguard for a short time who can forego the rigors of battle, while you wait in safety, and repay them by, giving him a much needed revive when all is done. After all, they did show the zombies that this was a dead end road, where they wont get anywhere.

  • This is also a great way to have those survivors that have killed be of some use to the rest of the survivors, as well as allow the lesser levels to gain some much needed AP, instead of waisting time standing at a RP to get needled.
  • It is not for everyone, it is a starting point for something that can evolve into something useful within your suburb, and or group.
  • If you look at the numbers, it is more cost effective to have a undead survivor attack a career zed, then it is for a survivor to do so. The survivors main goal is to stay safe, meaning cades are the main priority. Killing zeds should always be a last resort, after cading, and healing.

--XxCannon FodderxX 17:46, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

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