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DHPD Archive Portal

Page Storage, Historical Data, and things best left forgotten.

DHPD Group Discussion Page Archive

Historical Discussions, Arguements, and Wordsmithing; This archive has every discussion on the 'Talk Page' since archives have been kept.

DHPD Departments

Defunct or Inactive Departments of the DHPD, stored for historical purposes and future use.

DHPD Precincts

Temporarily or Permanently Closed Dunell Hills Police Precincts, stored for historical purposes and future use.

DHPD Squads

Inactive or Dissolved Dunell Hills Police Squads, stored for historical purposes and future use.

DHPD Radio Journal

Archived Audio and Transcripts of All DHPD Transmissions since record keeping began.

Message Transcript Archive:

DHPD Miscellaneous Pages

Old Information, Historical Pages, Humorous Fluff, and Things that even surprised us.


  • Operations
Alpha Squad Alpha
Alpha Squad Bravo
Delta Squad Delta
Dixie Squad Dixie
Omega Squad Omega
  • Communications
Dhpds.jpg DHPD Newsletter
Dhpds.jpg Internal Communications

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