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Archival interest only. The DHPD no longer operates any Precincts.

DHPD - Broadbelt Grove Precinct
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About Broadbelt Grove Precinct

Located in suburb of Dunell Hills in Malton, this particular precinct contains the area surrounding the Broadbelt Grove PD, located at [7,35]. The precinct's chief is in charge of the Broadbelt Precinct Station's operations, security, and resources. See this map for area details.

Broadbelt Grove was previously the home of the DHPD Dragoons, also known as ST-1. This group assisted in the defence of Dunell Hills, and also engaged in special missions. The majority of the Dragoons were members of the Veterans of Fort Creedy, a zombie/former-zombie group that maintained enough humanity to want to defend various locations throughout Malton.


Broadbelt Grove Precinct is not currently operating.

Broadbelt Grove Precinct
Squad Leader:
Goals: Operation of Broadbelt Grove Precinct
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Precinct Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Darth Sensitive 261689 Chief
Dave Chadwick 660286


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Captain Sprackling Veterans of Fort Creedy
Col. Dominic Peppard Veterans of Fort Creedy
FoxyZombieMan Veterans of Fort Creedy
General Alex Creedy Veterans of Fort Creedy
Lt. Obidiah Pitney Veterans of Fort Creedy
Maj. Ezikiel Randall Veterans of Fort Creedy
Mark Sextan
PFC Coleman Veterans of Fort Creedy
SimplexB Veterans of Fort Creedy
SSGT Denton Veterans of Fort Creedy
The HeadHunter

Precinct Reports


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