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Archival interest only. The DHPD no longer operates any Precincts.

DHPD - Uppill Precinct
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About Uppill Precinct

Located in suburb of West Becktown in Malton this particular precinct is the area surrounding the police stations located at [14,32] and [14,34] centered on the Uppill Library. The Precinct's head is in charge of Uppill Precinct Station operations, security and resources. See this Map for area details.

Precinct Offices are located in the Curle Street Police Dept. and the Piegsa Place Police Dept.

Uppill was previously the home of ST-2, also know as the "Becktown Marauders".


Uppill Precinct is not currently recruiting. Precinct Offices will be closed until further notice.

Uppill Precinct
Squad Leader: Retired
Goals: Defending the Frontier
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Precinct Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Marty Banks 575384 Chief
Jim Astaldo 691980
Malachi V 750445
Finnish Player 543369

Orders From the Chief

Current Orders

  • Precinct has been deactivated; DHPD officers and civilians will not receive precinct based support until further notice.
  • DO NOT Sleep in resource buildings, keep those zeds guessing...

Standing Orders

  • Recruit a base force for defense and support of the precinct.
  • Kill or revive any zombie wandering into the Precinct (Excluding 'Non-Brain Rot' Zombies at the Revive Point).
  • Do INSIDE Patrols and OUTSIDE Patrols.
  • Keep barricades at the precinct's key buildings listed below at Very Strongly.
  • Help Secure the Nearby NecroTech Building.
  • Take back any key buildings infiltrated by zombies. [This Includes: Police Stations, DHPD Offices, Communication Towers, NT Buildings, Hospitals, Safehouses (Fire Stations are not considered a priority, however they should also not be neglected.)]
  • Keep barricades of the precinct's safehouses listed below at Very Strongly or higher.
  • Please Do Not Flee unless a retreat and/or recall is ordered, You may end up getting someone killed.

Precinct Reports

Curle PD.jpg


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