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Determined to Rid Malton of the Zombie Plague by means of either Cure or Extermination.

If you're viewing this page, chances are you were linked ingame. Thanks for taking the effort to come have a look.


Here's a checklist:

  • Are you in or near South Blythville?
  • Do you like reviving people?
  • Do you like protecting your fellow survivor?
  • Would you like to be mobile and make a difference to Malton as a whole?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, We Want You!

What do we do?

We're primarily a revive group, and we do a lot of combat reviving. All Zombies were survivors once, and they should be given that chance again. We protect South Blythville as much as possible, especially Marven Mall. We operate a radio on 28.38MHz and provide updates on anywhere thats been hit, so hopefully they can be saved.

What we want to do

We don't have enough numbers yet, but when we do we plan to establish Tactical Mobile Revive Units, hopefully providing revives to areas that wouldn't normally get them. If we get enough numbers, we may even look at Combat units too, as well as possibly a second fixed unit.

How can I join?

A few ways:

Click here to go to our main wiki page

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