Dark Order of the Apocalypse

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Dark Order of the Apocalypse
Abbreviation DOA
Group Numbers Less than 10.
Leadership Seth Doyle
Goals The total and utter annihilation of life within Malton.
Recruitment Policy Joining our order.
Contact Discord

The Dark Order of the Apocalypse (DOA) is a zombie death-cult created in memory of the original Dark Order of Armageddon by a few of its former members. They believe that the state of shambling unlife is the perfect form of life, and will use any means to bring the world into that state, whether it be bashing down barricades and eating survivors, or using the tools of the living against them. Basically we are PKers who will kill you dead.

The Unholy Commandments

I. Thou shalt not zerg.

Keep your alts away from one another.

II. Thou shalt not alt abuse.

Keep alt knowledge separate. We don't want to know what your alts have seen, and we don't want your alts' groups to know what your DOA alt has seen.

III. Thou shalt always kill.

All survivors must be killed. The DOA shall spare no one.

IV. Thou shalt not fear death.

Those who would seek to return you to the perfect state of undeath are not to be feared.

V. Thou shalt use life to destroy life.

When revived, members should use weapons to slay the living.

VI. Thou shalt use revivification for the greater good.

When revived, members should use any means at hand to undermine the living -- scouting buildings, destroying generators, preaching to the unbelievers.

VII. Thou shalt revel in the tears of infidels.

Do not fear the cries that unbelievers would raise against us.

VIII. Thou shalt keep churches pure.

Churches must be purified in the blood of the living.

IX. Thou shalt hinder revivification.

Slay NecroTech doctors, ransack NecroTech buildings, destroy generators within them, block revive points.

X. Thou shalt not tolerate heretics.

Those who have Brain Rot and yet breathe are considered heretics to our cause, and must be returned to the holy state of undeath.

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