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The Democracy of Resensitized w/ Interesting Sigs recognizes the following as former leaders of DORIS who were taken from our world too early.



Pluto, the God of Death, was taken from us on August 24th, 2006. As the one and only true God it was a devastating time. Many DORIS members thought it was time to give up without their Lord to watch over them. But in the Battle of Grigg Heights a lone soldier waved the Flag of Pluto. This inspired his comrades and the Populat won the battle.


Pluto was born thousands of years ago. Originally worshiped by the Greeks as Hades, he decided it was time to move on and relocated to Rome. There he was given the name Pluto, and he liked it.

In 1930 an evil man named Walt Disney decided to mock the God of Death by naming a semi-retarded dog after him. Pluto did not take this kindly and years later had Mr. Disney killed.

Pluto loved Charon.

In 2001 Pluto moved to Malton, England after getting a job at NecroTech to help raise the dead. After a few years of helping the scientists Pluto felt sorry for his zombie children and let them free. This started the 2005 outbreak in Malton. The zombies worshiped Pluto as their God for setting them free from death and their harman oppressors.

In August of 2006 the International Astronomical Union, a long time friend of Pluto, plotted to kill the powerful God. Their plan came into effect on August 24th when they stabbed him in the back several times, leaving him for dead. After that they made a report to the press that Pluto was no longer a planet.


Shortly after Pluto's death a group Cultists from the Church of Pluto formed the Sons of Pluto. They began a guerrilla campaign against astronomers that soon lead to their deaths. The Sons of Pluto were caught by soldiers of Astronomy during one of their sacrifices to the God of Death.

Immediately the freedom fighter group, DORIS, made it their mission to avenge Pluto. On September 2nd, 2006 Pluto was avenged and his body reanimated in a deserted Grigg Heights.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was one of the few advocates for Post-Birth Alligator Abortions.

Steve Irwin was killed September 4th, 2006 by the Evil Stingray Alliance. Being the Prophet of Pluto to DORIS his death was met with great sadness. In his last will and testament he asked for the Yagoton to be leveled and rebuilt as a statue made in his honor. After months of construction it was finally built.


Born in a mythical land of Australia, Steve Irwin grew up with strange creatures that us in Malton are not aware of. He made it his goal to see every creature out there.

In 2006 he was contacted by the God, Pluto. Pluto instructed him to go to Malton and contact the group DORIS and warn them about the betrayal by the IAU. This is when DORIS fought at Grigg Heights to avenge their God.

Two days after the final battle Steve Irwin was swimming in the Aquarium in Ketchelbank's Zoo. Seeking revenge for Steve Irwin informing DORIS about Pluto's death, the Evil Stingray Alliance attacked Irwin and killed him.


Upon hearing his death DORIS drained the Stingray tank, killing them all. Then they read his last will and testament, it called for the suburb of Yagoton being bulldozed and a statue in his honor being built upon it.

Almost immediately after reading it DORIS set out for Yagoton and destroyed those that tried to stop its construction of the statue. Steve Irwin's soul then merged with the statue, bringing him back to life.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam was captured by Allied forces in New Baghdad after running away from Iraq. He was then sentenced to death. The King of New Baghdad left instructions for DORIS to hide his WMDs that he was given by Pluto.


Saddam calling up Domino's Pizza for some awesome party in New Baghdad.

Born in Iraq Saddam lived a hot and dry life. Tired of sand he decided to make WMDs, hoping to burn the sand into glass. The Allied government did not like this and tried to kill Saddam. In 1991 Saddam was killed but was brought back to life by Pluto. Becoming the mortal King of Pluto gave Saddam unlimited power.

However in 2003 his country was attacked again and he fled to Dulston, which he renamed New Baghdad. A couple of months later he was found hiding in a hole. On November 5th, 2006 Saddam was sentenced to death, giving the term "5th of November - NEVAR FORGET."

Saddam being killed.


DORIS, being proactive, began their campaign in New Baghdad to hide their King's weapons of mass destruction and kill the weapons inspectors, hoping to have their King freed.


This has sparked a lot of controversy. People were upset that someone was being honored despite not being dead. However DORIS points out Saddam dying in 1991.

Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston, Son of Pluto and Messiah to all. Gave his life so that we can freely own weapons. Even in death no one could pry his guns from his cold, dead hands.

Try it. Just try it. No one can pry that gun from his hand.


Charlton Heston, the Son of Pluto, was born at least 10,000 years ago in his first form, Moses. After realizing his time was over he left and planned on returning. Charlton came back in many forms, Ben-Hur, El Cid, the Omega Man, and Colonel George Taylor. One of his greatest contributions to society was being the President of the NRA, giving the right to bear arms (and possibly bear feet) to all.

On April 9th, 2008 he was killed by a coward while he slept. His assailants were surprised to find out that even in death no one could pry his guns from his cold, dead hands. His life was given so that we could own firearms.


Almost immediately after his death, the Populat found the murderers in Lockettside. Anti-gun activists were quickly blamed and punished. Within two weeks the suburb was razed and no man in the suburb could claim to be "The Last Man on Earth".

George Carlin

George Carlin was canonized on the day of his death, June 22nd, 2008. In life he was a preacher, often heard spreading the good word of Pluto including shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.


George Carlin wandered the city, preaching the good word of Pluto and living a modest life. He refused to live a life of luxury and gave up his belongings that would interfere with his preaching.

On June 22nd, 2008 he was brutally murdered to silence him. His words often undermined local authorities and would clash with them almost daily. When news of his death reached the Populat the declared him to be the first Saint of the Populat. Saint George Carlin, protector of words.


On that some month a fury of wrath and revenge was cast down on South Blythville, where Carlin was murdered. In less than a month those who wished to censor him were systematically killed and the suburb was destroyed by zombified Sons of Pluto.

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