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Operation Sting Like A Bee
SLAB Template Image.jpg
Abbreviation: SLAB
Group: DSS Red Zone Support
Leadership: Sophie Ames
Goal: 100 Revives in 1 week

The Beginning

On January 30th the DSS walked into Havercroft with one goal in mind, 100 revives with a very tight scheduled deadline of 1 week. It started off with a few from this member a few from that one, but slowly grew to more than 4 from every member of the DSS a day and some even being lucky enough for 6 from some of the more daring survivors. The goal seemed practical on the days when we racked in more than 20 revives.

The Middle

After we started clearing revive points like lines at a grocery store, there became a clear plague amongst the lines. The rotters showed up more and more in the revive lines making it more difficult to rack in the amount we needed to be successful. We eventually moved around Havercroft in the neighboring suburbs to their revive points to help clear up the surrounding areas.

With the Deadline Drawing Near

After a long weekend of catching up and a slight screw up one of the members had we drew to the end of the week with 85 revives. After a group council meeting we decided that we weren't done yet and we weren't going to call it a failure since our presence was showing by the change in zone colors. We extended the deadline 2 more days so we could turn that nasty red zone into a functioning green zone.

The Big One Double Oh!

On the night of February 9th, ZIPO3956 was the one to get the 100th revive on the zombified notceilingcat. Willam Walace came in with 3 more bringing it to 103, and Sophie Ames followed closely behind to bring it to 107. So in 9 days we were able to make our presence known. The suburb, and the ones around it, went from red to just a hair shy of green in less than 9 days. Survivors flocked to the mall knowing that it was safe for them to one again rebuild and resume their normal arrangements.

Of Course There Is A Template

SLAB Template Image.jpg Sting Like A Bee!
This user was part of Operation Sting Like A Bee

The people who were a part of Operation Sting Like A Bee already have this template. If they don't they are slackers and in my opinion don't deserve it. If they don't it is probably because they don't have a wiki, don't visit the forum, or just haven't asked anyone about it.

Screen Shots

Reviver Revive Number Revive Reviver Revive Number Revive
Willam Walace 1 X Willam Walace 51 X
Willam Walace 2 X Willam Walace 52 X
Willam Walace 3 X Willam Walace 53 X
Willam Walace 4 X Willam Walace 54 X
KempyClassic 5 X Rufus Vanzant 55 X
KempyClassic 6 X Rufus Vanzant 56 X
KempyClassic 7 X Rufus Vanzant 57 X
KempyClassic 8 X Rufus Vanzant 58 X
KempyClassic 9 X Sophie Ames 59 X
Sophie Ames 10 X Sophie Ames 60 X
Sophie Ames 11 X Sophie Ames 61 X
Sophie Ames 12 X Sophie Ames 62 X
Sophie Ames 13 X Willam Walace 63 X
Sophie Ames 14 X Willam Walace 64 X
Sophie Ames 15 X Willam Walace 65 X
Sophie Ames 16 X Rufus Vanzant 66 X
KempyClassic 17 X Rufus Vanzant 67 X
Willam Walace 18 X Rufus Vanzant 68 X
Willam Walace 19 X ZIPO3956 69 X
Willam Walace 20 X ZIPO3956 70 X
KempyClassic 21 X ZIPO3956 71 X
KempyClassic 22 X ZIPO3956 72 X
KempyClassic 23 X KempyClassic 73 X
Willam Walace 24 X KempyClassic 74 X
Willam Walace 25 X KempyClassic 75 X
Willam Walace 26 X KempyClassic 76 X
Sophie Ames 27 X Rufus Vanzant 77 X
Sophie Ames 28 X Rufus Vanzant 78 X
Sophie Ames 29 X ZIPO3956 79 X
Sophie Ames 30 X Sophie Ames 80 X
Sophie Ames 31 X Sophie Ames 81 X
KempyClassic 32 X Sophie Ames 82 X
Willam Walace 33 X KempyClassic 83 X
Willam Walace 34 X KempyClassic 84 X
Willam Walace 35 X Rufus Vanzant 85 X
Rufus Vanzant 36 X Rufus Vanzant 86 X
Rufus Vanzant 37 X Willam Walace 87 X
Rufus Vanzant 38 X Willam Walace 88 X
Rufus Vanzant 39 X Sophie Ames 89 X
ZIPO3956 40 X KempyClassic 90 X
ZIPO3956 41 X KempyClassic 91 X
ZIPO3956 42 X KempyClassic 92 X
Sophie Ames 43 X Rufus Vanzant 93 X
Sophie Ames 44 X Rufus Vanzant 94 X
Sophie Ames 45 X Rufus Vanzant 95 X
Sophie Ames 46 X Rufus Vanzant 96 X
KempyClassic 47 X Sophie Ames 97 X
KempyClassic 48 X Sophie Ames 98 X
KempyClassic 49 X ZIPO3956 99 X
KempyClassic 50 X ZIPO3956 100 X

Role Call!

Now if you have visited our page you can tell that not all members of the DSS were part of this operation and the most awesome display of zombie butt kicking. Sure we had those who didn't want to be revived but could never commit to the Brain Rot. They made a fool of themselves thinking that we cared if they went and GKed or not. It was also fun to look around the mall or hospital or wherever we were that night and see all the guys in out contacts who we revived. But the DSS, all five of the operatives, worked hard and long to accomplish this victory.

Our Fearless Leader: Sophie Ames

That Stud Who Thinks He Leads Us: KempyClassic

ZIPOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo: ZIPO3956

The Celebrity Guest Star: Rufus Vanzant

He Just Couldn't Wait: Willam Walace
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