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DWRX 28.54


DWRX is dedicated in broadcasting updates on some happenings in the suburbs of East Boundwood, Millen Hills and Yagoton. The DWRX team also assist in the following:

Mobile mast maintenance (Mainly in East Boundwood, Millen Hills and Yagoton)

Structure barricading and repair

Building defense

Assessing building conditions in East Boundwood, Millen Hills and Yagoton

AveryFellwood (talk) 03:43, 17 April 2015 (UTC)

DWRX 28.54
Action News Team
Abbreviation: DWRX
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: AveryFellwood
Goals: To provide up to date news in East Boundwood, Millen Hills & Yagoton
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors
Contact: TBA


DWRX 28.54 was establised by AveryFellwood during the last few months of the year 2014.

During its first few months on the air, DWRX 28.54 covered the zerg attacks on the area in Millen Hills now know to most of the residents of the suburb as Central Millen Hills. The station partnered with the already existing station, 27.18, in the area. Up until today, the two stations work hand in hand in gathering news in Millen Hills & defending resource buildings in the suburb while keeping their respective stations active.

In Agusut 2015, DWRX has opened two other stations in Yagoton and East Boundwood. This made monitoring the situations in those area much more easier.

In September 2015, DWRX has decided to operate a temporary rev clinic right in an NT Building beside their head office in Millen Hills. As of now it remains active.

AveryFellwood (talk) 08:46, 15 September 2015 (UTC)


Current Number of Stations: 3

Number of Affiliates: 1

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