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The forum link for this page is http://damud.freeforums.org/.

Welcome to the home of the DAM, Danversbank Armed Militia. We are a new group starting up in Danversbank trying to keep the suburb safe for humans to live in. We want to work with all pro human groups to further our goals. We aren't intrested in politics and if you want to help us, we want to help you.

Danversbank Armed Militia
Together the groups working as part of the DAM number 4 active members, and we want to gain new members every day. Our core mission since the outbreak is protecting survivors. We have a job to do, and we're going to get it done!
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.88 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Danversbank…

Contacting the DAM

Concerned survivors who want to report an emergency, provide information or looking to contact their local DAM representative may post on the DAM FAQ board.

Continuing to strive to meet the needs of the citizens of Malton, the DAM provides an interactive Revive Request tool.


The core DAM groups (DPD, DFD, DMD, DNU DCDF) work closely in cooperation with each other to further the protection of Danversbank.

Public-health-logo01.gif DAM Group
"This Group is a subdivision or is allies with the Danversbank Armed Militia"

Affiliated Groups

The DAM strives to work closely with many pro-survivor groups in Malton, and provides tools to facilitate inter-group cooperation and organization. Members of the DAM command staff are also available to act as mediators in any inter-group disputes. Groups interested in allying with the DAM should contact us on our Community Forum. Do not list your group here until our members and command staff have had a chance to get to know you and are willing to vouch for your group.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are groups with which the DAM enjoys a very close relationship. We try to keep each other informed of major activities and coordinate with them in planning operations, as well as sharing tools and resources. Only groups that have been a friend & ally for an extended period, with whom our members have worked closely, and which agree with the basic principles of DAM policies are eligible. Interested groups are welcome to bring it up with us on the forum or by speaking with the DAM group members you know, but Partners are only confirmed on invitation and mutual acclimation.


Friends and Allies


The Academy

New members of the DAM will receive rigorous survival and tactics training at The Academy before receiving their first assignment. New recruits will work on training missions with other recruits under the direct supervision of The Academy's Instructors. As a cooperative effort of the DAM member organizations, it is designed to provide uniform training and produce smart, tough and effective graduates who can make a difference in helping to stem the zombie onslaught in Malton. Exceptional recruits may receive their first promotion on graduation.

DAM Policies

All personnel in groups within the DAM are held to the following core policies. Additional policies are documented on the forum and will be reviewed with new members during Academy training, but the following policies are the most important.

Player Conduct

We seek to hold members of all the DAM groups to a high standard of conduct. Members should always be civil during any discourse or disagreement, regardless of the behavior of anyone else involved. They are expected to play hard, but play fair, and to encourage others to do so.


The (Large Portion) of the Urban Dead community isn't to big on PKing! If you are killed by another survivor without a reason, please take a screenshot, record their profile ID and Post on our PK reporting page. As a deterrent against PKing, those individuals found to have killed someone without provocation will have a bounty placed on their head.

Killer.jpg Player Killer Sometimes
"This group doesn't support random killings. But supports PKing whenever it is really needed"

PKer List

DO NOT assist these people in any way, they are PKers.

Profiles With Links
  1. Any member of the group Dawn Patrol.
  2. Monty Osmonton
  3. mein sohn
  4. goat hammer
  5. kar98
  6. JonPB
  7. Kali37
  8. Rotten Triffid
  9. Sturm Gewehr
  10. DontEatMeBrain
Profiles Without Links
  1. Spilled blood
  2. Aden Chope
  3. Dinah Cancer


Under no circumstances is any member of any DAM group to participate in spying. Disallowed spying includes: joining a forum and pretending to be something you aren't in order to gain information. 'Spying' on the enemy by looking at their wiki page or information posted publicly on their forums is acceptable as the enemy is fully aware that this information can reach any and all people.