Daubeney Resident Zambahz

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Daubeney Resident Zambahz
We know how to party!
Abbreviation: We don't use one
Group Numbers: ~3
Leadership: Direct democracy/anarchy
Goals: Holding Daubeney, making East Becktown more zombie friendly, throwing tea parties.
Recruitment Policy: Put Daubeney Resident Zambahz in your profile and stand in our house. That seems to be working.
Contact: Talk to us in our house!

The Daubeney Resident Zambahz consist of a few zombie friends who have grown tired of the nomad lifestyle and have made The Daubeney Building in East Becktown their home. Their main priority is to keep Daubeney in zombie hands, secondly to make East Becktown as a whole a more welcoming place for zombies. They are often well coordinated and sometimes strike at the same time with like half of their members. They are totally relentless when pursuing their goals, but they also enjoy conversing in their native tongue whenever they get the chance.


No zerging or multi abuse
No meta-spying (non-public forums, irc-channels and such)
Rattling is awesome


Barg Mahazzharmanz

Former (i.e. inactive/"missing in action"):
Z0mb E M0n
Smoke D Tekter


(Most recent happenings at the top)


Ahzid has reappeared. Harrah!

January 6th

2014 was a good year. We spent a lot of time inside our home. We almost achieved the coveted 'carpet of a thousand weeds'. A friendly rivalry with the Malton Gallant Society nearly developed into a truce. Sadly, our appetites got the better of us. Currently we are barricaded outside our home but being helped by a former survivor who is sampling the zambah life.


September 5th
The Big Bash hits East Becktown. Barg returns home, with reinforcements. Daubeney is once again back in the rotting hands of zambah, where it belongs.

May 30th
Barg takes a holiday. He is going to Buttonville to join the Big Bash 4.

January 14th
Jantrit reappears briefly.

January 8th
Murgel and Barg spent much of last year locked out of their home, banging on the barricades. Ahzid popped by occasionally to lend a hand. We don't check our wiki talk page often, so the best way to contact us is face-to-face in-game. Fellow zambahz welcome, as always.


January 6th
Membership numbers have dwindled, but the defence continues.


December 12th
The residents may mostly neglect their wiki, but let it never be said they're ashamed to admit the hard times. Survivor activity is running high, with a dozen or so in the Daubeney Building for a few days now, doing their black-hearted best to keep the residents out in the cold through this bitter winter. The zambahz spit defiance and make desperate lunges at retaking their house, but have so far been unable to hold on. With bodies and unread newspapers piling up on the porch in ever increasing quantities, things are looking pretty grim around home right now.

November 28th
A trio of survivors attack in a relatively short time frame, catching the residents by surprise. Z0mb E M0n and Jantrit regain their senses and run the breathers out, but to their horror, find the carpet fund has been stolen once again.

November 27th
Decay is piling up, but survivor activity in the building is on the upswing as well. The residents must be increasingly vigilant, lest the thieving breathers raid the carpet fund once again. Old zerg pest Rathar was recently spotted putting in a brief appearance, but so far hasn't gone on the offensive. Is a solitary taunt the last the residents will see of the double-dealing dork? Only time will tell.

August 11th
The residents can be seen enjoying the summer with lots of dinner parties and picnics in the area surrounding their home.

April 24th
A lot of strange things happening lately. First a full group of 5-6 harmanz came into our house, at that time in harman hands. They sat around in the lit house and begged to be evicted. They were sort of friendly though, and didn't seem to be big on using guns, which was a nice surprise. Maybe we would have been able to get along if we hadn't rushed to conclusions and called in our feral friends. Oh well. They did sit in our unruined house, and we can't have that. Maybe they will be back sometime and we can try again.

After that another harman began talking to us. He's been hanging around for a few days now, but sadly, his grip on rattle isn't that good yet. We tried to convince him to help us clean up the mess some vandals had made, but to no avail. He said he'll be back though.

March 26th
After a long and outdrawn battle, the Daubeney Residents once again stand victorious in the ruined remains of their beloved home. Things are as the should be.

January 15th
The harmanz don't stop. Despite active resistance, they (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) trickled in, one after another, and through the use of sneaky zombie disguises and calculated tricks managed to evict and shut out the residents. Of course, their reign over Daubeney didn't last longer than a few minutes, but damage was still done as the entire carpet fund was lost.

January 1st 2009
The new year is off to a good start for the Daubeney Resident Zambahz. Jantrit and Zomb E M0n find their way home, and together three residents break the barricades and eject the survivors inside. They also start saving up for a new carpet.

December 24-25
The harmanz have erected barricades, and the residents are left outside in the cold, banging on the doors to their own home. GRAAAGH!

December 2nd.
ahzid officially joins the mighty horde. Their home is safe and ruined for now. What elaborate schemes to take away their home will the evil harmanz think of next? Whatever happens, the residents will persevere.

November 14th 2008
An old resident shambles home, sees his beloved home is kept nice and ruined by a small group of zombies, and recognizes an old face in Smoke D Tekter, from a little over a year ago. War is then declared on the hospital next door.

The group has disbanded.

Mid December
The residents leave their home to go on vacation. They won't be gone for too long probably.

November 28th
This day the harmanz of East Becktown showed exactly how sneaky and cowardly they can be. The residents were out tending to the sick in St. Lizzie's hospital (and calling for other zombies to help of course) when all of a sudden they could see the unnatural glow of electric, harman made light bulbs emanating from their precious Daubeney. Expecting the worst they immediately rushed home, and to no ones surprise they found the building to be heavily barricaded. Much graaghing and grrhing then ensued, and with clenched fists harshly being shook at these new and underhanded harman sneak tactics, a resolve to right what was now wrong was made.

November 14-16th
The residents are having some vermin troubles again. The harmanz even managed to throw the zombies out and power the building for a while... But the residents will never surrender, and continue to fight on for their home.

November 7th
The residents have guests over for tea! ahzid and Smoke D Tekter are warmly welcomed and invited to stay for as long as they wish. Scouty McScouterson hangs around as well, but is met with a few suspicious glances since he's been spending the last few weeks going bang bang with his harman gannz on the residents. His participation in zombie on zombie action has also been observed (not that there is anything wrong with that). In the end any zambah sleeping in Daubeney is a good zambah, so he is reluctantly welcomed as well. Rhen has gone missing.

November 4th
The residents have been holding Daubeney ruined for most of the time lately and have been spending most of their AP lashing out unto St. Elisabeth's Hospital and other surrounding buildings. The regular Harman attackers come in now and then to shoot holes in the walls, ceiling and residents of the building, but have not been able to hold on to it for a full day in a long time. Combat revivers have been staying away, so the graffiti is of the typically low quality the residents have come to expect from the PLEB/DEM harmanz who infest the area.

October 2nd
Major news! A seemingly random feral zombie stumbles in, makes himself known and seems to have joined the pack. Hooray! We warmly welcome Rhen and will happily try to get to know him by rattling our asses off.

October 1st
The Daubeneys get a wiki, break into St Elisabeth's Hospital, drag and groan a bit and immediately get two ferals to join them in the feast. The hospital ends up getting ruined. Hooray!

September 30th
A fierce fight over Daubeney lasting several days with several different harmanz, mostly independents or single members from different groups from the looks of it, come to a pause. The harmanz had Daubeney in their hand for a few days, but in the end the Daubeney Resident Zambahz overcame. HARMANZ GAH HAAM! ZH!Z -!Z AHR MRHBARN!

September The harmanz begin coming back. They slowly regain their foothold in the suburb, and despite coordinated efforts and strikes to keep East Becktown, and especially the area around Daubeney free, they soon begin launching attacks on our beloved home. Caiger is reclaimed by harmanz, which will probably affect East Becktown as well.

The big red (Aug-Sep 07)
East Becktown is flooded with zombies from the collapse of Caiger Mall. With hordes such as LUE, RRF, Eastonwood Ferals and Extinction, as well as massive amounts of ferals in the general area, the residents don't have a worry in the world for a few weeks... Except maybe for Extinction trying to take credit for holding Daubeney when there are no harmanz around.

Not ancient, but still pretty darn old times
Murgel and Z0mb E M0n joins the fray, and the Daubeney Resident Zambahz are now formally a group. (Yay!)

Ancient Times
It all started with Jantrit. He was the first zombie to fight for Daubeney, and long and hard he fought. Sometimes he would fight an uphill battle against several survivors, sometimes he would stand alone in victory over the ruins of the NT.

Daubenian KiZombie

Daubenian KiZombie is a dialect or three of the common KiZombie. Its name originates from the name of an NT building in East Becktown where a few zombies, the Daubeney Resident Zambahz (Ahbanah Raz!zanh Zambahz), are holed up. Among other things they occupy themselves with a lot of rattle in this dialect, and pride themselves in not needing to meta-game too much thanks to their speaking skills.

There are many dialects within the zombie community. Some zombies don't use ! as an I, others do. Here are some of the things that could differentiate the Daubenian dialect from others.

! is used as an I, except for when describing oneself, and sometimes not when in the end of sentences. A dash (-) is latched on to it if it's the first letter of a word to prevent UD from pulling words together. "Zh!z zambah -!z nah zah habbah. AHM ANGRAH!" "This zombie is not so happy. I'M ANGRY!"
!! is used as a long e-sound. "Haz anah-anh z!!n mah banana? -!zz m!zzing." "Has anyone seen my banana? It's missing."
R can be used as both R and L, and maybe even W. Because of UD's habit of adding an h after an r has ended a word (or just before a !) capitalizing the r is sometimes recommended to get your meaning across. "Ah R!gh b!g bazz anh ah gan nah R!h." "I like big butts and I can not lie."
Z On its own means "see". It also used for S-, Z-, th- and sometimes T-sounds. Combine it with an H and it forms another bunch of sounds. "ZAMZ!NG -!Z RANG! ZHARZ AH BANZH AH HARMANZ -!N MAH BARN! ZH!Z -!Z Z!MBRAH ANAGGZABZABR!" "Something is wrong! There's a bunch of survivors in my house! This is simply unacceptable!"
B can be used on its own as "be" or "bee", otherwise as usual kiZombie. "Annah B -!n mah gang?" "Would you like to join my group?"

Proposed Number System

With an easy to work with number system it would be possible to play a highly coordinated zombie group without any communications outside the game. Intrigued by that concept and feeling that the original kiZombie number system was too complex to ever get any practical use, one of the Daubeneys devised a new one. This one is easier to remember and work with than the original ki-zombie one, because it bases itself on the order of the alphabet, not a made up order of commas, periods and such. There will never be any question as to whether a zombie is counting or if he's not either, because of a clearer prefix (NAMBARZ). A is one, B is five, G is ten, H is fifty. You always start with the highest letter in your number and build it up, like in this sequence. (Note that the number one is special. More on that later.)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 50 179

Capital letters should always be used. After studying the table above, it should be fairly easy to grasp the concept. By remembering that a letter shift occurs at 5, 10 and 50 and knowing your zombie alphabet, anyone should be able to put numbers together. The Daubenian zombies have not yet seen the need to define M, N or R because they seldom need to count that far. There are three numbers that are exceptions to the otherwise uniform way of counting. The glaring one is the number one. The formal way of saying one is "A", but zombies often find it hard to restrain themselves from using one of the other examples in the table above. Some linguists claim this is due to the zombies love of community, that the different slang terms have evolved because that single A looks so lonely by itself, and also to milden the concept of singularity altogether. Others claim that it's because zombies literally can't bring themselves to saying just "A" and that this fact was overlooked when this article was already well under way. Z is an infinite number or a number so big and awesome that trying to describe it any closer would be useless. Zero is simply "z!b", "zarah" or "nazz!ng" and is of no importance to anyone.

The NAMBARZ prefix, sometimes shortened to -N- is the way to let listeners know that the next thing coming out of the zombie's mouth is a number. This is obligatory.

Big Numbers

The residents have developed a new way of communicating bigger numbers. This comes in handy for example when talking about profile numbers. First of all, there is a second prefix. -BN- is the short form, and -B!G NAMBARZ- is the full. The way to express these bigger numbers is to rattle them off one digit at a time. Instead of saying 1060 you would say one, zero, six, zero. In daubenian ki-zombie this comes out as "-BN- anh-zarah-BA-zarah". We use the hyphen to separate the numbers from one another, but other than that, it's pretty straight forward. Use lower case for ones and zeros.


Zamarrah ah gan zr!gh ah NAMBARZ GGAAA ah gragg GMZ. Zhaz zha zamh z!ng az -N- GA ah gragg BM GMZ. "Tomorrow I can strike at 23 o'clock GMT. That's the same thing as 11 o'clock PM GMT"
Ahr haaz -!z ah -N- GGBA,GGGB "Our house is at 26,35"
Zhar ahr -N- HHHHHHHHGGGAAAA harmanz -!n zhah bazaar garnarh. NAMNAMNAM! "There are 434 survivors in that mall corner. Bon Appétit/delicious."
Ahr zr!gh -!z ganna B ah zah mrh-barn -N- HGGAA,GGGGBAAAA. Zambahz mazz zabh anagh AB za zambahz gan gah ZZZZZ harh. "Our strike is going to be at the NT 72,49. Everyone must save enough AP to get back and sleep here."

-N- HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGBA -!z zah zamh z!ng az -BN- anh-AAA-AAAA-BA. "1346 is the same thing as 1346."