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Previous Sightings


11/07/07 - In the survivor infested suburb of Dulston a lone alleged Dead Air "member" defies all odds. In one day he singlehandedly destroys the EHB cades, bursts groaning into Parrott Towers and with his last gasp smashes the generator. A puff of spores eject from his rotten eye sockets as he stands exhausted waiting for his reward.

11/5/07 - New Dead Air Member ZkZkZkZkZkZukZkth succeeding in tearing down the barricades of the Crang Building, Tapton, in order to silence to mostly neglected Generator and radio. The red dot sleeps, and so does ZkZkZkZkZkZukZkth

11/04/07 - An alleged Dead Air member knocked on the door to Parrott Towers in Dulston for so long it was forgotten how long, but the residents would not let him in, even for Halloween. Today the barricaded were low enough thanks to another alleged member and a group of random passing zombies. A triumphant roar was heard shortly before darkness enveloped the block and silence covered the sky.

11/04/07 - Heavy silence returns, albeit temporarily, to Tollyton as an alleged Dead Air member uses his second last waking breath to smash the the Sherren Building's generator. With his last breath he groans threateningly and passes out. Most certainly he will be rewarded with a headshot for his efforts, by the time he next awakens.

10/31/07 - An alleged dead air member awoke stupidly in the thick fog, eyes agog at the terrible blinkie atop Hitchens Towers in Wyke Hills. Had that evil red eye not been dimmed before he slumbered? He thumped on the door. Silence. A second thump and the door creaked open. He shambled in to discover six survivors passed out in various corners of the lobby, half of whom smelled very, very fresh. "Grahg'rh Grab!", he exclaimed from his oily lips. Silence. "GRAHG 'RH GRAB!!", he exploded. Silence. In frustration of not receiving his Hallowe'en treat he took matters into his own mouldy hands. Shuffling over to the rusty generator, he dropped his trousers and shat into the fuel tank. He then proceeded around the lobby, trousers dragging loosly about his ankles, and gave each survivor a gentle lick and nibble. He groaned in satisfaction, and wandered back outside into the fog, a faint humming under his putrid breath.

09/29/07 - Suspected Dead Air member Ooommth was found wandering aimlessly, a pillowcase pulled over his head by some witty survivor. After the obstruction's removal by a low-hanging tree branch, Ooommth realized all the blinkies weren't gone, and there was one of them now! Out of practice, he was rebuffed at first, but has settled in to lay tireless siege to Darvall Heights until that damn red light will stay out.

09/23/07 - An alleged member of Dead Air awoke from semi-retirement outside the Parr Building in New Arkham. Instantly annoyed by the blinkies, he began smashing at the barricades to get inside and silence them. Today, he was successful.

09/01/07 - A long, hot summer is concluding. Few, if any, organized, or even recognizable, Dead Air attacks have been reported during the slow months, except for a drawn out siege in the Northeast. One suspected Dead Air member is reported to have maintained an on-again, off-again siege of the Farbrother Building, Pescodside, which locals suggest finally fell on or around the first of the new month, somewhere around midnight.

05/30/07 - Mare Towers in Rolt Heights has been savagely and repeatedly ransacked by a zombie dressed in all black over the course of the last few days. They say this is the same zombie that was responsible for the outages in Santlerville only weeks earlier. Could be the work of Dead Air.

05/30/07 - The lightly attended Roddoway Building, Hollomstown, goes dark, continuing the tower attacks along the southern suburbs by suspected Dead Air members.

05/28/07 - Could the relentless, repeated attacks on their Buttonville warehouse headquarters by suspected Dead Air members have caused The Buttonville Boys to flee to safer havens? Interior graffiti suggests the warehouse has been claimed as property of the Malton Forensics Unit. A familiar dead face is spotted bringing the suburb's tower dark, the warehouse containing one MFU member, but no Buttonville Boys to be found.

05/25/07 - Either the tenants of the Waters Building, Spicer Hills, forgot to pay their electric bill, or they were visited by a suspected member of Dead Air.

05/20/07 - The Flambert Motel, Old Arkham, falls dark.

05/10/07 - An increase in population has virtually no effect on the safety of the Elson Building, Quarlesbank, as a slumbering zombie awakens to destroy its extremely heavy barricades, its generator, and its inhabitants' sense of security. He appears to be unconcerned for them.

05/10/07 - Foolish survivors in St. Romuald's Church (Raines Hills) leave the barricades too low, inviting an alleged Dead Air member to come inside, destroy their blinky-maker, and leave them all with infected bite wounds.

05/06/07 - An unusually furious zombie makes quick work of the extremely heavily barricaded Elson Building, Quarlesbank, destroying its generator as a horrified survivor looks on.

05/04/07 - The tower atop the Digby Building, East Boundwood, goes dark, a lone, infected survivor quietly bleeding in the darkness.

05/03/07 - Pashenton loses phone service as the generator in the Carew Museum is smashed to bits. The building came under attack, despite the fact that the tower is not visible on the roof.

05/02/07 - A persistant lone zombie finally manged to break through the barricades protecting Parrott Towers in Dulston and smash silent the radio mast generator some hours later. Despite this building being FOXHOUND HQ, there were no members of that group present. Perhaps they were elsewhere dealing with the Dulston Destruction Tour? Was Dead Air alone responisible for this attack as alleged, or is it part of something much bigger?

04/29/07 - An alleged Dead Air member strode past unaware and complacent guards to stop the blinkies in Roftwood. An apparent trend is noticed between survivors as the same shambling zombie has disturbed the peace in a series of seemingly "safe" suburbs.

04/28/07 - The same alleged Dead Air member is sighted for the third time this week (five times in two weeks) breaking down barricades and breaking up a generator in Northeast Malton, this time at Mare Towers in Rolt Heights.

04/25/07 - An alleged Dead Air member saunters through the open doors of the Halliday Building in Dunningwood and breaks the blinky maker. All five survivors are left infected while one is drug screaming into the street.

04/23/07 - A crazed alleged member of Dead Air enters Yeatman Library in Gibsonton, smashing the generator beyond repair. Five survivors are left infected as the zombie calls out to his fellows, before leaving for his next target.

04/17/07 - Heckworthy Towers in Santlerville goes dark as an alleged Dead Air member saunters in a brutally destroys the generator. 04/19 ... and again.

04/17/07 - Vinetown survivors were startled out of their complacency and false sense of security when a suspected Dead Air member tore through the loosely barricaded building to destroy the megerly guarded mast contained therein.

04/17/07 - Though eyeless DarkKittie none the less still 'sees' the blinking lights of towers but in Roftwood the Summer Building's light has been silenced; the survivors terrified and infected were left behind a closed door and she moved on.

4/16/07 - A lone wandering zombie lurches up to the the Anstruther Building, Rhodenbank, bringing down the barricades down and breaking the generator beyond repair as a handful of horrified survivors look on.

04/10/07 - An alleged Dead Air member breaks into the Amos Building in Huntley Heights, cutting the power to the blinkies and scaring the crap out of the lone survivor there.

04/09/07 - Both of Danversbank's mobile phone masts, housed in the Barrow Building and in the adjacent Poulet Museum, have ceased broadcasting their terrible noise to the living. Survivors are expected to recouperate quickly, but every moment of silence across the air waves unnerves them a little more. --FatherSalem 18:55, 9 April 2007 (BST)

04/02/07 - One of the generators powering one of Danversbank's TWO mobile phone masts, housed in the Barrow Building (the other housed in the adjacent Poulet Museum), falls silent beneath the clawed hands of a suspected Dead Air member. It's suggested that the two masts, located so close to each other, might begin to draw suspected Dead Air members at a higher than usual rate. Addendum: The Barrow Building mast was brought down once again by an alleged new member. Rudely interrupted from his post-mast infectious nibbling, he chased the intruding harman away, finished his snack, and quietly slipped away to clog a nearby revive queue. --SporeSore 20:09, 4 April 2007 (BST)

03/28/07 - The Self Hotel in Heytown undergoes a power outage thanks to an alleged Dead Air member.

03/25/07 - Jack Feynman, feral zombie extraordinaire, takes down the barricades on the Smither Building in Paynterton and begins to beat the shit out of the generator, denting it. The living guardians look on in horror. A little later is is battered. Oh yes. Jack Feynman 17:28, 25 March 2007 (BST) And then damaged. Jack Feynman 19:25, 25 March 2007 (BST) Badly damaged, but there are more humies in here AND they've rebuilt the barricades. Will I be able to destroy the generator before they can stop me... Jack Feynman 22:24, 25 March 2007 (BST) With a final groan, the zombie Jack Feynman bashes the generator into a million tiny pieces. The grid goes down... Jack Feynman 17:57, 26 March 2007 (BST)

03/21/07 - Coordinated attacks on the alleged Dead Air Tour result in the barricades coming down at the Bentley Hotel, Scarletwood. One attacker notices that the generator seems more resistant to damage than previous models. (Looks like gens have damage levels now akin to barridcades)

03/13/07 - the Braddick Building has fallen to the repeated abuses of a suspected Dead Air member, assisted by other zombies unknown. The dedicated guardians have been slain, infected, or run off entirely. The cold building now lies open to the weather and further zombie ransacking.

03/08/07 - In a first for suspected Dead Air members, the trio conducting a multi-day siege of the original Buttonville warehouse has remained to ransack and hold the building. It seems The Buttonville Boys underestimated the zombies' ability to comprehend written graffiti taunts, and as a result the zombies have become undead squatters, fending off attempts to retake the building by harmanz (or zombified harmanz' sympathizers).

03/07/07 - The barricades fell at Veazey Towers in Starlingtown allowing an alleged Dead Air member to enter and finally silence the deafening blinkies. Two survivors are left infected as the zombie calls out to his fellows.

03/03/07 - The forced entry and ransacking of the Buttonville warehouse continues for the third straight day.

03/03/07 - School is definitely out of session as an alleged Dead Air member breaks in to Howland Street School in Pitneybank and takes out the generator. Said zombie left the majority of survivors with infections and left after calling out to his brethren.

03/02/07 - For the second time in two days, the generator powering the Buttonville phone mast breaks beyond repair. Recently cured infections spread once again.

03/01/07 - Some survivors suggest The Buttonville Boys spend less time spraypainting taunts and more time defending their warehouse headquarters, as a trio of suspected Dead Air members converge on the Buttonville phone mast site and leave it darkened, its inhabitants infected and sore.

02/23/07 - Hitchens Towers, Wyke Hills, appears to have forgotten to pay its electric bill, its darkened tower invisible in the night sky.

02/22/07 - The Lapley Building in West Boundwood experiences technical difficulties.

02/18/07 - Doveton Towers in Osmondville finally gets what's coming to it after several days of seige from an alledged Dead Air member. One of two unhappy looking survivors inside now has an unpleasant infection.

02/17/07 - The Barrow Building, Danversbank, is left wide open so that a suspected Dead Air member walks in and chews through the generator cable. The suspected member leaves, its zombified hair on end.

02/15/07 - Lamport Hills- A suspected Dead Air member, Ooommth, has turned from a dead blinkie atop the Braddick Building, only to have it start up again yet again. Survivors report the same zombie keeping an eerie vigil on them, constantly trying to pierce the barricades once more.

02/12/07 - Lerwill Towers at the center of Greentown goes dark, and a resident survivor is dragged into the street - all the work of an alleged member of Dead Air.

02/10/07 - After many days of bashing at the cades at Stirling Towers and groaning for fellow zombies, an alleged Dead Air member finally cuts off service to Peppardville. 02/11 ... and again.

02/06/07 - The Underdown Building, Fryerbank, is attacked, its generator smashed and a sleeping survivor dragged into the street.

02/06/07 - An alleged member of Dead Air leads a small band of ferals in an assault upon the Donovan Building in Chudleyton. Out damn blinky spot!

02/06/07 - Alleged DA member SporeSore now joins other alleged members Risteard and permazombie to ensure The MacCarthy Building, Judgewood's mast is down permanently. Infected MFD personnel look on in horror, knowing that the RP and hospital are offline as well :)

02/05/07 - Mondays are particularly bad for the survivors of Dentonside, as Denner Towers goes dark.

02/04/07 - In the early morning of the 4th, the generator inside the Smither Building, Paynterton, breaks beyond repair.

02/03/07 - Lamport Hills- A suspected Dead Air member has again laid successful siege to the Braddick Building.

02/02/07 - A dark wind blows southward as the Halliday Building, Dunningwood, loses its power to a suspected member of Dead Air.

01/30/07 - Risteard has joined up with permazombie to ensure Judgewood's mast is down permanently. With both Permazombie and Risteard now inside the MacCarthy building, it is firmly in Dead Air hands.

01/30/07 - In the heavily populated far northeastern reaches of Malton, Parrott Towers, Dulston, goes dark.

01/30/07 -- Some crazy humans managed to actually get a generator into The MacCarthy Building, Judgewood. Alas, alleged Dead Air members took care of that easily enough.

01/27/07 - The barricades of the Crang Building in Tapton are breached by a lone zombie. Temporarily confused by the dark blinkies strung up inside the building, it quickly proceeded with its mission of destroying the generator before it could be refuled. After a light snack on the lone survivor inside (dragging him into the street), the zombie ransacked the building and left for another target.

01/22/07 - Survivors in the surrounding suburbs note that the tower in the distance atop the Anstruther Building, Rhodenbank, goes dark.

01/22/07 Lamport Hills experienced a shocking breach of security when an alleged Dead Air member crashed through fortifications and smashed the generator within the Braddick Building. Reinforcements were summoned to deal with the intrusion, but the mast high atop the building is now dead and calm.

01/17/07 - Ridleybank is becoming more and more infested with survivors since the RRF has lost prominence in the area. Hence an alleged Dead Air member was required to silence phone service in the suburb.

01/15/07 - Alleged Dead Air member smashes through the barricades at the Summer Building in Roftwood. Phone service and blinkies silenced.

01/15/07 - After taking a brief vacation over at Caiger Mall, permazombie returns to The MacCarthy Building, Judgewood, to once again kill the blinking lights and noisy generators.

01/06/07 - A solitary zombie rings in the holiday season by holding protracted and ultimately successful sieges in both Quarlesbank and East Boundwood.


12/24/06 - Citizens of Edgecombe will not be calling home for Christmas, as an alleged member of Dead Air barely makes it in to their Warehouse_74,54, groaning for help. A few other zombies show up and help quiet the blinkies and the remaining survivors.

12/21/06 - Edgecombe phones stop working. Three incidental infections.

12/19/06 - Houghton Towers, Peddlesden Village, suffers a suspected Dead Air assault, leaving the destroyed remnants of a generator, a holiday tree, and ten infected survivors.

12/18/06 - The generator inside Osterham Towers, Dunell Hills, is destroyed as an infected and gnawed upon member of the Dunell Hills Police Department looks on helplessly.

12/15/06 - Radio activity begins to pick up on channel 26.14, the official radio band of Foulkes Village, as mobile phone service for the suburb appears to local survivors to have been interrupted.

12/13/06 - Darkness falls upon the tower atop the Clayton Building, Williamsville.

12/12/06 - The tower at The MacCarthy Building, Judgewood, remains off. permazombie and his gang, however, continue to get taunted. Local Malton Fire Department members keep asking them when they will get bored and leave. MFD manages to retake and re'cade the building every few days, but they never manage to get fuel and generators on site. In addition, the gang has taken over the local hospital AND infected all the zeds at the cemetary -- shutting down revives as well. Good day, all around!

12/10/06 - Survivors in the Summer Building are suprised to find their generator destroyed, and the door pushed gently closed. Phones across Roftwood stop working for the evening.

12/07/06 - Survivors in Dentonside fail to keep the barricades up at Denner Towers and find their phone service cut off by alleged member(s) of Dead Air.

12/07/06 - Alleged Dead Air member on a rampage to destroy the Sherren Building generator once and for all. Any help greatly appreciated...

12/04/06 - The Wyke Hills-ians suffer their second outage of the month, an echoing groan emanating from the wide open doors of the Hitchens Building.

12/01/06 - A suspected Dead Air member rings in the new month by destroying the generator running inside the Hitchens Building, Wyke Hills.

11/28/06 - The survivors of Danversbank are also unable to relate their admiration for the new Dead Air Logo and thumbnail, as the Barrow Building's generator breaks at a pair of zombified hands. The suburb's survivors bemoan their inability to send one another pictures from their fancy picture phones.

11/26/06 - The survivors of Whittenside are unable to relate their admiration for the new Dead Air Logo and thumbnail, as the tower atop the Sherwel Building goes dark. Three survivors awaken, infected and unable to check their voicemail.

11/26/06 - Alleged member of Dead Air allegedly creates a new Dead Air Logo and thumbnail.

11/24/06 - The Underdown Building, Fryerbank, is invaded, its generator and radio broken beyond repair.

11/14/06 - An alleged Dead Air member breaks in to Bubcar Towers in Vinetown and smashes the generator there beyond repair.

11/12/06 - The first known sighting of a suspected Dead Air member in the suburb of Earletown is recorded, as the generator inside the Flowar Building is destroyed.

11/12/06 - In Ketchelbank, just south of the Zoo, a zombie breaks in to a factory and smashes the generator beyond repair in order to stop the blinkies on the roof. Two of the four survivors were also infected as said zombie calls out to his feral brethren.

11/07/06 - A couple alleged Dead Air members and a number of other zombies bring down the barricades at the Herman Building in Darvall Heights and once again silence the air.

11/02/06 - The barricades to the phone mast in Williamsville have been greatly weakened. It is likely, however, that they will be repaired very soon.

11/01/06 - Penny Heights is once again without phone service as power fails at the Tomkyns Building.

11/01/06 - A lone alleged member of Dead Air steps out of a crowd of zombies outside a PD in Peddlesden Village and brings down the barricades at Houghton Towers. Said zombie destroyed the generator before residents could fuel it, thus preventing the annoying blinkies.

11/01/06 - A lone zombie emerges from the fog to darken the tower atop the Freeguard Building, Foulkes Village.

11/01/06 - A single zombie attempts to break down the barricades of the Clayton Building in Williamsville. The building is too strongly reinforced however, and the zombie is struggling.

10/27/06 - The original Buttonville warehouse is invaded, its generator once again destroyed. The Buttonville Boys/MalTel members (and Dead Air arch-nemeses) Sveitzer, glassfan and Thirsty Jack are all on hand as history repeats itself. The lone zombie sticks around to greet them when they awaken.

10/27/06 - After taking a couple days pounding, the barricades in St. Gall's Church in Pennville are brought down by a lone zombie, allegedly a member of Dead Air. Shortly afterwards, phone service to the suburb was cut off and two harmanz were left infected.

10/26/06 - Several days of barricade thrashing, rebuilding, and headshots culminates in the extinguishing of the tower atop Hitchens Towers, Wyke Hills. A lone zombie is witnessed shuffling off westward, in the direction of Buttonville...

10/21/06 - Barricades at Cousins Towers in East Grayside brought down by alleged member of Dead Air. Said zombie then shambled past a number of sleeping meatbags to shut down the horrible blinkies. It then let out a loud groan to its cousins in the neighboring blocks before moving on to its next target.

10/21/06 - Radio silenced in Sherren Building in Tollyton. Darkness moist and sweet.

10/21/06 - The warehouse holding the radio mast for Edgecombe is now ransacked, darkened, and silenced.

10/17/06 - An alleged member of Dead Air enters the Exon Alley Railway Station in Crowbank and makes short work of the generator. As the lights go off, the zombie ransacks the station, closes the doors, and vanishes into the twilight.

10/17/06 - An alleged member of Dead Air stumbles across alleged leader Bigger Daddy outside Statham Auto Repair in West Grayside. Seeing the barricades had been brought down, the zombie made his way inside to darken the Blinkies. Said zombie also proceeded to drag the lone injured survivor into the street and re-enter the building to give it a thourough Ransack.

10/12/06 - After several days' seige, Bubcar Towers finally stops providing service to Vinetown. The two survivors who were in there, getting to know each other a little better behind the barricades, had a nasty suprise. One is now infected, and the other is bound to be by this time tomorrow.

10/8/06 - The tower over West Grayside goes dark.

10/8/06 - An alleged member of Dead Air patiently pounded at the barricades at the Digby Building in East Boundwood until they fell. It then managed to clamber inside and take out the generator powering the infernal blinkies before swaying mindlessly exhausted.

10/6/06 - A southbound zombie suspected to be affected by the towers' emissions walks through the wide open doors of Grey Library, Shackleville, to find and destroy an abandoned, running generator before continuing south to McNeil Towers, Kempsterbank, where another operational generator was destroyed as a horde of zombies attacked the building's horrified survivors.

10/5/06 - A strangely stubborn tower servicing Ridleybank finally falls, with three infected survivors left amid the echoes of a feeding groan. One would think, with hundreds of zombies roaming the suburb, that the tower might not require an alleged Dead Air member to silence it.

10/3/06 - The Meacham Motel in Houldenbank goes dark. Much ransacking follows.

10/2/06 - The first recorded outage in October as Garson Towers in Roywood falls silent.

9/30/06 - Another failed attempt to power up the Millen Hills tower results in a darkened and ransacked Smith Towers. The lone survivor is dragged into the street and left for dead.

9/28/06 - West Becktown doesn't have anything to break, so I bite people instead. Ho hum.

9/26/06 - Dunell Hills _finally_ gets squashed! I like monkeys! Ohhh, shiney.

9/24/06 - An attempt to restart the tower in Millen Hills results in a freshly destroyed generator, radio, and two infected survivors among the darkened rubble.

9/24/06 - The tower at Smith Towers, Millen Hills, is shut down.

9/19/06 -- The tower at the McCarthy Building, Judgewood, is turned off temporarily. permazombie, however, gets taunted, combat revived, taunted some more, and headshotted within 24 hours, while the stubborn occupants of the building find a new generator.

9/19/06 - The tower at the Digby Building, East Boundwood, is exstinguished. The Eastboundwoodians resort to communicating via carrier pigeon.

9/12/06 - The tower servicing the suburb of Ketchelbank is disconnected.

9/10/06 - An active but abandoned Ridleybank tower goes dark.

9/8/06 - A stubborn group of survivors withstands a days-long siege, only to witness the first time Ridleybank's tower is darkened by a suspected Dead Air member.

9/4/06 - The Chudleyton generator is added to a swathe of destruction.

9/4/06 - A generator and a radio get smashed in sunny Peddlesden Village, home of the famous Peddlesden Pie Factory.

9/1/06 - The air in Stanbury Village dies.

8/30/06 - The Judgewood generator is silent. Gestures rock!

8/24/06 - The Jensentown tower, atop the the swanky MacVicar Building, is silent.

8/24/06 - Dakerstown claimed in the name of Dead Air. OMG who cn I txt nw?

8/24/06 - Generator at Roywood smushed.

8/23/06 - Foolish survivors at the Bentley Hotel in Scarletwood left barrciades too light. Blinkies now stopped.

8/20/06 - An alleged member of Dead Air smashed the generator at Bubcar Towers, Vinetown. It was broken beyond repair.

8/19/06 - After a prolonged one-zombie siege, the Howland Street School, Pitneybank, falls to a state of Dead Air. The residents of Pitneybank suffer a lack of cell communications.

8/19/06 - - Add profiles to the Dead Air rankings > leaderboard

8/18/06 - Dobin Auto Repair lays in ruin.

8/13/06 - Penny Heights once again is without a signal.

8/08/06 - The suburb of Gibsonton loses its cell power. Three infected survivors report witnessing a fourth dragged screaming into the streets.

8/06/06 - A reactivated and abandoned Mare Towers, Rolt Heights is silenced.

8/04/06 - The rebuilding of the Digby Building is interrupted, its reactivated tower quickly re-exstinguished.

8/03/06 - An abandoned but active Digby Building, East Boundwood, is ransacked, its generator smashed and tower darkened. Weeks old Dead Air graffiti remains on the building front.

8/03/06 - After a many-day struggle with the barricades, Peddlesden Village's tower is darkened by a pair of slavering flesh-eaters. What few survivors did not flee were savaged by the suspected Dead Air members.

7/27/06 - Paynterton's tower is silenced for the first time by a suspected Dead Air member, with one of a handful of survivors dragged screaming into the zombie filled street.

7/25/06 - For the second time in as many days, Pitneybank's tower goes dark. This time, a suspected Dead Air member stuck the fatal blow to the generator before brutalizing the lone survivor.

7/20/06 - Vinetown's generator and radio are destroyed by a lone suspected Dead Air member.

7/18/06 - Penny Heights is without blinkies after much patient bashing by a suspected Dead Air member. Said member was subsequently chased off by a waking survivor.

7/14/06 - Osmondville's residents fear for their lives as they can no longer directly contact their loved ones from afar.

7/14/06 - Lights on Denner Towers, Dentonside, cease their blinking after some determined barricade breaking. Four undead were at the doors, the zombie which first dashed through the splintered wood to take out the electronics was a suspected Dead Air member.

7/13/06 - With its last bit of energy, a suspected Dead Air member destroys the generator at Gulsonside's Gollop Building.

7/10/06 - Edgecombe falls silent after the continued assault of three alleged members and a pack of ferals.

7/06/06 - Roftwood has Dead Air for the first time.

7/04/06 - The Grey Library in Shackleville is quiet.

6/27/06 - The generator and radio of the Sertin Building, Stanbury Village, are destroyed, the first time by a suspected Dead Air member, as four horrified survivors watch in Dead silence.

6/25/06 - Barhahville returns to dead silence. Olivey Library siege was led by an alleged member of Dead Air assisted by a group of about 5 ferals. All survivors were left infected.

6/24/06 - North Blythville is silent. A lone survivor was dragged into the street and fed upon by a horde of the dead.

6/24/06 - The tower atop the factory in Ketchelbank has been darkened by a suspected member of Dead Air.

6/20/06 - Lerwill Towers in Greentown is silenced as any sign of human life ran away in fear, leaving the tower vulnerable.

6/18/06 - Silence reigns again from the Waters Building in Spicer Hills.

6/17/06 - The air of Dunningwood is scarred no more.

6/14/06 - The factory in Ketchelbank only produces silence now.

6/13/06 - The tower atop the original warehouse in Buttonville has fallen dark. The lone zombie responsible is suspected by those present at the time to be Bigger Daddy.

6/10/06 - In a recent trend survivors describe as disturbing, Greentown's tower atop Lerwill Towers is darkened for the first time by suspected members of Dead Air.

6/10/06 - Wandering zeds took out the cades at the Waters Building in Spicer Hills. Then a member of Dead Air came along and made the noise cease.

6/9/06 - Despite the librarians' protests, the Olivey Library in Barrville no longer broadcasts.

6/9/06 - The Singer Building in Galbraith Hills stands silent against the cloudy sky.

6/9/06 - After many days of patient knocking, the Tomkyns Building's barricades finally fell, and Penny Heights is blinky free.

6/8/06 - The tower at Gatford Towers, North Blythville, is silenced.

6/8/06 - The Flambert Motel in Old Arkham is powered down again thanks to a small group of zeds.

6/5/06 - Millington Towers, Mornington, has been ransacked.

6/4/06 - Reganbank's tower has lost its signal.

6/3/06 - The mast in Edgecombe stands silent against the gray sky.

6/3/06 - The Barwood Building in Shore Hills is no longer broadcasting misery to zombie-kind.

6/1/06 - After much futile 'cade-smashing, the Vinetown tower is destroyed with the help of a few passing ferals.

6/1/06 - The Theobald Building, Crooketon, shrieks no more. Two humans left for dead to tell the tale, one human remains remain.

5/31/06 - Larger numbers of zombies than ever are appearing to focus on Malton's phone towers, with new Dead Air raids occurring in several new suburbs in recent days. Mornington is the latest to fall victim to suspected Dead Air attacks.

5/26/06 - Awoke to find the lights on Strutt Towers in Mockridge Heights dead at the top of their pole.

5/25/06 - The first known Dead Air tower downing in the suburb of Tapton occurs, with the Crang Building falling dark.

5/20/06 - After several days and several tower downings, some suspected Dead Air members seem to have to decided the tough-talking Garniss Border Patrol is incapable of consistently maintaining Scarletwood's tower, having lurched off to points west.

5/20/06 - Denner Towers in Dentonside without power and ransacked.

5/17/06 - Whittenside lies in silence as several zombies smash a tower, one reported to be from Dead Air

5/16/06 - The tower in Yagoton, located in the Workan Towers, is down!

5/11/06 - After many days of struggle, Gulsonside finally enjoys the silence. (5/14/06: Again...)

5/9/06 - Scarletwood once again echoes with Dead Air.

5/7/06 - East Boundwood's tower pollutes the skies no more.

5/4/06 - An attempt to silence the tower in Scarletwood is successful, only to be repowered by the GBP hours later.

5/5/06 - Edgecombe's blinky blinkenlights blink no more.

5/4/06 - The Waters Building in Spicer Hills is is left in sweet sweet silence.

5/1/06 - Many infected survivors of the Flambert Motel in Old Arkham witness the silencing of the tower.

4/24/06 - The tower atop the Bentley Hotel, Scarletwood, goes dark for the second time in three days.

4/24/06 - Malton Telecom Protected Freeguard Building in Foulkes Village downed by a persistant lone zombie.

4/23/06 - Awoke to find Houghton Towers once again mercifully dark.

4/20/06 - The Herman Building's [24, 26] broadcast is cancelled for a while.

4/18/06 - Reports are comming in from Grigg Heights that the Ashwin Building was silenced by a lone zombie leaving one infected.

4/17/06 - Peddlesden Village arises to find their phones of little use, Buckk only survivor of Houghton Towers awakens infected.

4/14/06 - The Buttonville warehouse is ransacked again. Inside, one human infected; the other, dead, like the suburb's air.

4/10/06 - A mauled member of The Buttonville Boys awakens to find that suburb's phones silenced.

4/7/06 - MalTel fails to keep Buttonville alive.

4/4/06 - Dakerstown's tower dead thanks to local zed mob and barricade smashing by Dead Air.

4/1/06 - The tower at the Clayton Building, Williamsville, goes dark. Two infected humans survive to tell the tale.

3/31/06 - Houghton Towers has no generator.

3/31/06 - The Herman Building's [24, 26] generator destroyed beyond repair. 4/4/06 Again 4/11/06 and again

3/30/06 - Spicer Hills is once again silenced.

3/30/06 - After coming back up, the mast at The Flambert Motel is dismantled again.

3/28/06 - The Flambert Motel in Old Arkham has been retired.

3/28/06 - Garson Towers [4, 14] in Roywood is silenced.

3/27/06 - Owsleybank: Dobin Auto Repair transmitter trashed.

3/26/06 - Spicer Hills has been silenced.

3/24/06 - The vileness that was the Dakerstown cell site (the Buttle Building) as been given a good seeing to, zombie Mal-tel workers not withstanding. Thanks to the flashmob for taking out the doors and the generator itself.

3/24/06 - Can we coordinate? Destroyed barricades at the Estlin Building [36,63] but don't have memories of life ... can't get in ... frustrated have hidden myself among others zombies ... now swaying innocently.

3/24/06 - Whoever (groan) it was who lurched in and took out the mast at Gatford Towers [23,64] thanks (groan) ... I was sleeping so did not see the Zombie responsible ... (groan) arrgh!

3/24/06 - Have valiantly destroyed all barricades at Gatford Towers [23,64] but being a new Zombie can't open doors .... now swaying aimlessly ... anyone help!

3/24/06 - Lockettside communications vanish into thin air.

3/24/06 - All 63 harmanz of the Herman Building are vermin in the eyes of Morbo! Have generator but no fuel, barharha. So tired of tearing barricades... chhrrr... generator's smashed by fellow graagh...

3/23/06 - Grooooan (Post like above)

3/23/06 - How do we communicate with other Dead Air members and co-ordinate attacks? Have found a previuosly undetected phone mast working and need help ...

3/22/06 - While on my way to the Herman Building, the generator in The Mcvicar Building, Jensentown, breaks when I sit on it. To make myself feel better, I have a bit of a snack, and a wee sway....

3/22/06 - A third zombie waits outside the Herman Building...

3/22/06 - The Freeguard Building in Foulkes Village succumbs to darkness.

3/21/06 - After an 2 day assault, the mast above the MacCarthy Building has gone dark.

3/21/06 - Rumor has it that two Dead Air members repeatedly crush against the barricades at the Herman Building. Tired of tilting at wind-mills, they lay down to rest for some time.

3/18/06 - For the first time, a suspected Dead Air member is spotted attacking the Furzer Building [16, 84], Ruddlebank, eventually bringing the tower dark.

3/18/06 - The citizens of Lockettside fear the silence.

3/17/06 - The Lockettside tower [25, 84] goes dark.

3/17/06 - Blinky tower on Donovan Building [14, 27] already sleepy sleep. Zombie sad, zombie no smash. Zombie find Soldier23 and bite until dead. Zombie feel better. Need stand and sway a bit.

3/17/06 - The cell tower on top of the Gotch Museum in West Becktown has blinked its last.

3/17/06 - Its "lights out" for A Factory [13, 46] in human infested Molebank thanks in part to a random mob of zombies and some dedicated generator thumping.

3/15/06 - Transmissions from The Clayton Building [35, 93] in Williamsville cease.

3/14/06 - An infection, a plague really, inhabits Buttonville's most important warehouse [44, 95].

3/14/06 - Like a dark memory, the tower serving the Buttonville warehouse [44, 95] is dismantled.

3/13/06 - The Lantrowe Building [15, 55] was dark when a zombie patrol passed by.

3/13/06 - The blinkenlights atop Millington Towers [15,63] blink no more.

3/13/06 - Silence falls across Dartside, again, as the tower atop Samborne Towers [36, 84] is disabled.

3/13/06 - The Herman Building's [24, 26] annoyingly blinking mast blackened out once again.

3/12/06 - Silence falls across Dartside, as the tower atop Samborne Towers [36, 84] is disabled.

3/11/06 - The Eden Museum [43, 86], Leasehold Services' ultra-super-secret hideout in Kinch Heights, which hosts the suburb's phone mast, is overrun by a pair of zombies. The mast goes dark.

3/7/06 - For the first time, a small horde believed to be Dead Air "members" is spotted in Wyke Hills, as the mast at Hitchens Towers [55, 93] falls dark.

3/6/06 - The tower above Cousins Towers [66, 82], East Grayside, emits Dead Air.

3/5/06 - A zombie suspected of being a Dead Air "member" is sighted for the first time in the southwestern region, as the tower atop the Sherwel Building, Whittenside [84, 94] goes dead.

3/1/06 - The West Grayside survivors continue to struggle to keep their mast active, with it falling dark once again.

2/28/06 - After a days-long siege, the West Grayside phone mast [54, 85] goes dark. Twice.

2/25/06 - Once again, the Buttonville phone mast site [44, 95] goes dark.

2/20/06 - After struggling to bring the Waters Building [25, 95], Spicer Hills, back online several times, a lone survivor reports it once again dark.

2/18/06 - A handful of survivors report awakening in a darkened Waters Building [25, 95], Spicer Hills.

2/14/06 - A small horde of zombies is seen lurching westward, away from a darkened phone mast at Lindsey Towers [25, 84], Lockettside.

2/13/06 - A deadly wind blows through Samborne Towers [36, 84], Dartside, as the tower falls silent. One lone survivor lived to tell the tale.

2/12/06 - The tower in the Eden Museum [43, 86], Kinch Heights, fell silent, emitting Dead Air.

1/29/06 - Some survivors report that a zombie seemingly focused on the Buttonville mobile phone mast site has been joined by another zombie.

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